Welcome To A New Adventure

Hello to all the nutritionally conscious and the not so healthy eaters out there (not that there is anything wrong with that)! Welcome to Conscious Cravings. Have you ever found yourself wondering what foods help reduce the risk of what diseases? Or what you can eat to help satisfy your stomach while still maintaining a balanced diet? Well, through Conscious Cravings, I will take you on my adventure of eating healthy while trying to utilize the disease prevention benefits of food. Not only will I keep you entertained with my ridiculous mishaps that are sure to occur, but I will also share my experiences cooking, important nutrition facts, and so much more.

You may be saying to yourself, “not another healthy living blog” and “why is she going to be different than the other 5 bajillion blogs out there?”. I want to be able to provide everyone with the knowledge that I am learning through my studies as a nutrition student, real life experience, and my internship with a local dietitian. My blog is a mix of part project for my internship and part I’ve always wanted to have an awesome blog that people come to for healthy eating related things.

Here I am, ready to take ya’ll on a nutritious adventure, so let’s get going.

Nom nom nom.


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