CC Reads: Your Healing Diet

Hey ya’ll! So a new thing that I am going to bring to my blog is CC Reads, and I will be sharing a good book that I have read with all of ya’ll. Mostly the books will be nutrition related, but sometimes I am going to throw in an addicting novel or two that I have recently enjoyed. What can I say? I’m sort of nerdy, and LOVE to read.

The first book up on the list is Your Healing Diet, by Deirdre Earls. This is not self-promotion at all, Deirdre is actually the amazing RD that I am interning for. She has written an amazing book that reveals a diet that will help the body heal itself. One of my favorite things about Deirdre is that she also has suffered from the same disease that I do, and she has used her education and knowledge to create a diet to help reverse her disease.

This is the general book that is available to the public, but I bought the specific Austin version. The book also has a Dallas version available. The book starts out talking about how food can benefit diseases and the experiment that Deirdre went to through to heal her own condition. One reason this book is so great is that Deirdre actually had these experiences herself, so you know the legitimacy and validity of her diet plan. One of my other favorite parts is that there are multiple sections on grocery lists, traveling tips, and eating in Austin restaurants. I love to eat out, especially in Austin, so this is extremely beneficial to Austinites.The last good part of this book is that Deirdre makes her diet accessible to everyone. She makes it user-friendly and it is actually something practical that people can follow in their every day lives.

A big part of my blog is going to be utilizing this book in order to test out the diet on my disease of Psoriatic Arthritis. I will be sharing meal plans, recipes, reviews of the restaurants that are listed in the book, and then at the end of the summer I will have my results. I believe that it takes a good two to three months in order to achieve the best results possible.

I can’t wait to share my experiences with ya’ll, and I really hope some of you look into this book especially if you are suffering from auto-immune diseases and various other health problems. I believe that food can definitely be used as an alternative medicine in life.

Have ya’ll read any good nutrition books lately?
What is your opinion on the subject of food as medicine?


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