Rollin with My Homies

Hey ya’ll! I hope everyone’s Monday is going awesome. I’m still going through the moving process. Lots of drama, lots of people cancelling on helping me, which ended up leaving me to move myself. Oh well. It was some really great exercise. All I have left to do is the big pieces, which my dad is coming in tonight to help me get. Then I’ll start settling into the new place. I can’t wait to hang everything up in the closet. It is beautiful and I have deserved a nice closet after my small, dinky one. Anyways, sorry I get a little distracted by it, but today I’m going to share my spring roll technique with you. I have shrimp in this spring roll, but you can do anything. I plan on making one with fruit only soon – mango, strawberries, and mandarin oranges. Delicious. Maybe some avocado too. I’m so creative.

I really wanted to make this a vlog, but alas I have no one to film me doing this, so I have to do a photo how-to, but I think it is pretty great. Spring rolls are super easy to make, and they are a healthy low  cal option. Plus they are gluten free! Yay for Asians using rice noodles in most of their cooking. No wonder they are so freaking skinny.
1. Set out all ingredients and tools needed to make spring rolls on table: one plate, a pie plate filled with water, rice paper sheets, rice vermicelli noodles, parsley, shredded carrots, shredded lettuce, and meat of your choice (in this case I used shrimp, but you can make it vegan by using tofu)

2. Dip one rice paper sheet into the pie plate of water, make sure you coat it evenly, and let sit for a couple of seconds.

3. Place wet rice paper on the plate, but be careful because the texture will have switched from being hard to being sticky and soft, which means that it will rip easily. Once it is on the plate, start piling all of the inside fillers in the middle. Just don’t overload because the paper will rip or it won’t fold well.

4. The first part of the actual rolling of the spring roll is pulling in the sides. Take the left and right side and pull it inwards, so it is partially covering the food in the middle.

5. Next pull the top of the rice sheet down towards you and tuck it in as tight as possible underneath all of the food. This is the trickiest part because when you are pulling it tight, the paper will want to rip. The one pictured above is a little loose, but as long as it isn’t super floppy then the springroll will hold.

6. Now start rolling the middle towards you until all of the rice paper has wrapped around the springroll. If you did the step of getting the paper wet completely right than this shouldn’t be a problem, but if some of your paper is still hard you can brush it with a small amount of water and it will stick. Tada. Now you have a spring roll to enjoy.

Once you get the hang of making them, you can pop them out pretty quick and they are an easy go to meal of mine because I can put it in my pink bento box and take to school without needing to refrigerate it in between classes and eating it. Go crazy with the combinations of what you can put into it. I have seem some pretty interesting things at a few Vietnamese restaurants that I have been to. I usually enjoy mine with gluten free peanut sauce, but you can make your own sauces with soy sauce, peanut sauce, and a variety of Asian condiments.

Mmmmm springs. Nom nom nom. This post may look familiar to some of you because I wrote about spring rolls on my old blog. I decided to bring them to Conscious Cravings because spring rolls are on the Your Healing Diet. As long as you sub tofu or have no meat in the spring rolls, then these are good to go on the plan. Spring rolls are great during the summer because there is a crazy good amount of vegetables and fruits to play with in the rolls.

Have an awesome Monday! Tomorrow I’ll be blogging from my new apartment. YAY!

What would you put in your spring roll?
Have you ever had Vietnamese food?


3 thoughts on “Rollin with My Homies

  1. I LOVE spring rolls!! Shrimp and vermicelli noodles are a must! I think I love them mainly bc I get to dip them in the most awesomest dipping sauce ever – the peanut sauce!!

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