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Hey ya’ll! I’m probably on my way to Galveston right now to soak up the sun with my volleyball girls and the other athletes and coaches from Team Austin. We are taking two huge buses down, having Shabbat in Houston, eating dinner, and then going to Galveston to our hotel. I’m pretty excited. I made an awesome surprise for my girls:Aren’t these cute? I got water bottles at Walmart and used puff paint to put the girls names on the bottles. Each one is different, so they can’t fight about it. They probably will anyways, but oh well.

Anyways today’s post is going to focus on a product that I have recently discovered and am totally in love with: Flatout Flatbreads.
These things are amazing. They are really large, which is really handy. They contain a large amount of fiber and come in different flavors. You can make wraps with them or use them as a pizza crust (I have yet to do this, but once I get back from my trip you can bet I’m gonna make some amazing pizza combinations on them).

Since I’ve gone pescatarian (I only eat fish about 3 times a week, the rest of the time I’m a veggie head), I have been trying to think of good lunches. Thanks to the Flatout Flatbreads, I’ve been able to create an amazing vegetarian wrap that is filling and provides tons of fiber from the bread and the vegetables.

My wrap ended up being very large because I overfilled it with tons of vegetables. I had spinach leaves, tomato slices, red onion slices, mushroom slices, peppers, shredded carrots, shredded Mexican blend cheese, and some Paula Deen’s Honey Mustard. This was perfect.

This wrap is perfect for a lunch on the go too. I plan on making a ton of these once the school year starts because they are portable and will fit into my lunch boxes (wait till you see them because they are pretty awesome).

This is my product of the week. Each week I will share with ya’ll a new product that I have recently discovered. I hope you enjoyed this weeks, and I look forward to finding something for next week.

Have an awesome Friday!


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