Life Changing Sushi

Hey ya’ll! Right now I’m currently laying out on the beach in Galveston watching 62 children. Hopefully everything is calm, and I haven’t killed anyone yet. I’m the only woman chaperone, so I get to make sure all the girl athletes are okay. Anyways let me get to what this post is all about. The greatest sushi experience you will ever have: Tomodachi Sushi in Austin, TX.

It is where my dad, my younger brother, and I go when we want to eat some good sushi. The best time to go is at 5:30 because it is right when the restaurant opens, and there won’t be a wait. It is a really small building, so about 30 minutes after opening this place is crowded and you will have a 30 minute wait at least.

We started out the meal with a very awkward named dish…Screaming Orgasm. Yeah, it gets a little weird at Tomo, but the food is amazing. This dish is Tuna Tataki, which is tuna is thinly sliced and served over shredded daikon. The sauce contains fish eggs and is a creamy texture that has a little Asian spice in it. We gobble this up in five seconds every single time the waitress brings it because it is just THAT amazing.

For our second appetizer, we ordered a few pieces of tempura. What I like about Tomo is that you can create your own tempura appetizer. The options range from asparagus to sweet potato to tofu. We decided on shrimp and onions. The dipping sauce the chefs create combines perfectly with the crispy fried goodness of the tempura.

This is round 1 of the sushi rolls…yes, I said it: ROUND ONE. My family likes to eat, especially when we are eating sushi. The rolls in this order are ex-girlfriend, Mexican, say my name, japanese lasagna, and one roll that I can’t remember the name of (it was soo spicy, so I couldn’t handle it). One of my favorite rolls is Japanese Lasagna, which is baked crab, avocado, and cream cheese. This is like melty goodness in a roll. If you like anything creamy and cheesy then this is the roll for you.

There goes my brother grabbing a bite of ex-girlfriend roll as I’m taking a photo. I always have to be like NO, I need to take a photo (they probably think I’m crazy). The ex-girlfriend is crab, avocado, spicy tuna with halibut tempura and spicy mayo. This roll is to die for. We can’t go to Tomo without getting it every single time because that is how amazing it is. It has a little spiciness, but it doesn’t overpower the complete flavor of the roll. The other amazing roll on this plate is the Say My Name roll, which is jalapeno, cream cheese mixed with tuna, scallop, crab, and it is lightly fried. Um fried? Yes, it is amazing. I love it.

And here goes round 2 of the sushi rolls. We got the sweet potato roll, sassy suzy roll, and steve’s special. In my mind, none of these rolls were super special or stood out. The steve’s special was just okay, the sassy suzy was crazy spicy as my brother and dad said, and I enjoyed the sweet potato roll since it was a little different and vegetarian.

The sweet potato roll was asparagus in the roll topped with sweet potato tempura. I could have just eaten the tempura part because it was delicious. I guess it was sort of healthy or I’m just making an excuse for my crazy eating.

If you are ever in Austin, Tomo is the place that you need to go. It is a little obscure location in North Austin in a shopping strip next to a thai place and a laser eye building. If you live in Austin then you should definitely go here immediately.


2 thoughts on “Life Changing Sushi

  1. In general, I LOVE sweet potato rolls. Also, I need to visit Austin and try the ex-girlfriend… and also so I can go to the make your own sushi place… I forget the name 🙂

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