A Week in A Post

Hey ya’ll! Sorry I’ve been gone, but I was at Maccabi for eight days, I recovered by sleeping for two days straight, and then I have been dealing with the spotty internet at my mom’s apartment. However NOW I’M IN BOSTON. I’m so happy because this is like my second home, but before I start posting about Boston I’m going to give you a recap of my trip with my volleyball team. I learned a couple things from this trip.

After the three hour bus ride to Houston, we stopped at Kenny and Ziggys for a Shabbat evening dinner. KZ’s is a delicatessen, but since we were going with a large group all the food was pre-ordered. Luckily since I am vegetarian, I didn’t have to eat the sketchy brisket, the unsatisfactory noodle kugel, and the cold green beans. I got a huge pasta dish with cheese and tons of vegetables cooked in. It was enormous, so I let some of my girls eat it since they were not going to eat dinner at all.

After the meal, we did a birkat hamazon (which is a really fun prayer/song you do after you eat). Then we did a couple of other prayers because our local rabbi came on the trip with us. It was pretty funny because most of the kids there weren’t religious at all, so they would just mumble along or make up weird words to pretend like they were going along with it.

After dinner, we went to our hotel in Galveston. We did a couple of ice breakers until midnight then it was up to the rooms for the kids. I actually stayed up reading 50 Shades of Grey, which is actually pretty good. The next morning we woke up and went to the beach. Oh god. Monitoring kids on the beach is literally impossible. When it was time to leave, we couldn’t find two of the kids. It took about 30 minutes to wrangle them and finally get them on the bus.

Apparently you can’t sit under the umbrellas on the beach. The beach patrol came up to us and were like you need to get away from this immediately unless you want to pay for it. Obviously I’m not going to pay for shade when I can just sneak up when you are gone and get it for free.

After the beach, we went to the hotel to change and then went to the Kemah Boardwalk. We had dinner at a little pizzeria. It was quite annoying because they weren’t prepared for us at all. Then we were given unlimited rides passes, which was AWESOME. I went on this sketchy wooden roller coaster and the entire time my butt was not on my seat. Thank god for seat belts and bars.

Then it was time for volleyball. While my girls didn’t do so well in that arena, all of them had an amazing time and are coming back next year with high school volleyball experience and will definitely win a medal. The problem was that our team was 13 and 14 while all of the competition was 16 year olds.

Overall it was an amazing time. I only got about 3 hours of sleep every single night. It was exhausting because I would get up at 6 am, go to the volleyball gym, and not get back to the hotel until 11 then we would go out till like 2 am or later. This was why I was so exhausted and had to sleep for two days straight. The last night was a huge swap meat where the coaches traded their stuff, everyone was drinking at the bar, and we stayed up until 4 am. I was exhausted on the bus ride home, but had to finish my 50 shades.

I hope everyone has an amazing Thursday and its FRIDAAAAAAAY!


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