Leaf (A Restaurant Review)

This week I had the pleasure of going to lunch with my grandparents and dad at one of my favorite places in Austin: Leaf. Leaf only serves salad and soup, which I think is great because when you want to be healthy it is a good choice for a lunch break. It is a build your own salad place and they have a menu called the Big 12 with their salad creations on it. I always choose the build your own salad.

The place is pretty small, but the atmosphere is awesome. You get to choose what type of lettuce base you want, you get 6 toppings (you can get more for extra), a dressing (theirs are amazing and really creative), and a type of protein. The staff are very eclectic too, which makes the whole experience better.

For my salad, I choose baby spinach leaves as my base for the salad. Then I had a strawberries, mandarin oranges, edamame, walnuts, red onions, cranberries, and avocado slices in my salad. For the dressing I chose to go with a strawberry balsamic vinaigrette, and for my protein I went with tofu. Usually I’m sketched out by tofu at times when I’m not the one cooking it, but this tofu was actually pretty amazing.

This salad was HUGE. I hate when people complain about others that love salads because they can actually be really filling and delicious when you fill it with tons of goods. I wasn’t overfull after the meal, but I was satisfied which is the perfect thing to be after you eat a meal out. I hate that feeling when you eat too much and you want to puke. I’ve had to learn how to limit myself over the years because it makes me sick when I eat too much. Although I still have this problem when I eat dim sum or Tomo Sushi (not that I’m complaining though because that is amaaaazing).

If you are ever in Austin you should definitely go to Leaf for a light lunch. Also it is on 2nd street, which is a great place to walk around and look at little boutiques. There is even an Urban Outfitters, which is less crowded since it is downtown.

Hope everyone has an amazing Friday!


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