Dim Sum Adventures

Hey ya’ll! Hope you have had an amazing weekend. It is the start of the Jewish New Year at sunset, so to all my Jews L’shana Tova. I’ve made gluten free challahs, which I will share with ya’ll tomorrow, and I’m going tonight to my grandmother’s to celebrate the holiday. Anyways while I’m doing Jew things and last minute errands, I thought I would share an adventure I had recently with one of my best friend’s to a local dim sum place called Shanghai.

Shanghai is located in a sketchy area of Austin by the old run down Highland Mall. My friend and I decided to go around noon, not expecting it to be too crazy. OH MY GOD. It was packed. There were tons of groups of people standing around the outside of the building and it was cram packed inside. It wasn’t just Asian families too, but there were tons of white people. Noooo. Luckily since we were just a table of two we only had to wait about 15 minutes.

We started off the meal when a noodle cart passed by us. Oh how we both love some greasy noodles with a small amount of vegetables and sesame seeds. This was actually pretty delicious. I’ve never seen dim sum that served a lo mein style dish. I like that they added in some normal Chinese food with the dim sum menu.

Next I saw some buns go by and I grabbed the Dim Sum cart guy. I need those custard buns. Even though it wasn’t even time for dessert, I knew these were going to go by really quickly so I had to get them when I had the chance. These things are seriously amazing. I really wish someone would start up a bun store in Austin with just cream buns, vegetable buns, and for those meat eaters out there pork buns.

Shrimp dumplings. Hao Gaw is a typical dim sum dish that you must order if you go get Dim Sum. It is just a simple shrimp dumpling, so make sure you actually like shrimp before you order. Then just dip it into a little soy sauce and enjoy.

FRIED SHRIMP. Oh god, so amazing. Really, you can’t go wrong with anything fried. I try to stay away from fried things when I go out, but at dim sum it is usually much more healthy then something like fried chicken. Anyways it came with this mayonaisse dipping sauce, and the combination was amazing. It was a sweeter sauce, and it didn’t dampen the fried bits at all. Success.

Cheong Fun is another typical Dim Sum dish. It is a rice noodle roll with one type of meat in it. I ordered shrimp since I’m a pescatarian, but you can get beef or pork in it too. It comes with this sweet sauce on top of it. It is definitely a healthy choice and a super delicious one too. Definitely get this if you are a dim sum newbie.

Ummm creme brulee at Dim Sum? Ohhh yes! It is not a typical dish you would see, but oh man it is seriously so amazing. I would go here just to eat some of this dessert. This is the best way to end a meal. I was stuffed and ready to just go back to bed after this.

One thing I have to say about Shanghai is that it is definitely cheaper. My friend and I ordered a ton of dishes for a smaller amount of money than we would pay at one of the bigger places like Chinatown. However it was difficult because my friend doesn’t eat shrimp and Shanghai mainly only had shrimp dishes. Oh well. Chinatown still is the top of my Austin list, but if I want to not spend a lot of money then Shanghai it is.

Also check out my post at Alisa Dusan’s blog Enjoy Real Food. She is a local nutritionist that let me write a post for her blog! I’m super excited that so many things are going my way lately in regards to my nutrition future.

Have a great weekend!


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