What I Ate Wednesday

Hey ya’ll! I have decided to come back from the black lagoon of school. I’ve been such a lazy blogger lately, but that is totally going to change. I have a few ideas up my sleeve! Of course I had to appear out of the woods for What I Ate Wednesday hosted by the lovely Jenn.

Oats in a Jar. I’m not really sure why everyone bashes these on the internet because they are actually a healthy meal that you can take around with you. I have two 3 hour labs this semester, so when I need to be full for a long period of time I bring one of these with me to my class before lab and enjoy, so I’m full for hours and hours.

For my OIAJ, I had my classic pumpkin cheesecake oats with chocolate chips and extra banana slices. The smell was so delicious, and during my microbiology class it was wafting all over the room. People kept coming up to me asking what I was eating and how to make it. I was pretty happy with myself, and later in my lab I was so happy that I wasn’t starving for the first time ever.

One thing that I really love in life is frozen yogurt. For the first time, I decided to branch out from my normal places and go to Red Mango. It was okay, but the toppings remind me of how pinkberry does theirs, which I totally hate. I like to portion my own toppings and not have them leaking over the sides. However the actual yogurt was really tart and delicious, so thumbs up on the flavor.

Speaking of sweets, I had enjoyed some cupcakes from LoveBaked in San Marcos a little while back to break the fast. These were freaking delicious. I got a box of coconut, strawberry fields, and the senorita (a mexican spice cake with cinnamon icing). Of course I didn’t eat all of these in one sitting. I cut them up into little pieces to savor. You always need to treat yourself, especially after fasting for 24 hrs.

I am really in love with shrimp right now. I’ve been eating a lot of it in salads, by itself, in pasta, and many other ways. This is just a random salad that I threw together. It actually was pretty good. The only thing missing was a good dressing, which I’m still looking for, so if anyone has any suggestions let me now!

Another salad? Yes, I love salad. Especially ones with falafel, grilled broccoli, and tons of delicious toppings. You can’t go wrong with a salad bowl from Maoz. Seriously this place is amazing. You should look them up to see if there is one near you. They are very vegetarian friendly and pretty cheap, especially when they have groupons.

Apples, best snack ever. Seriously though. I think I’m like an apple fiend or something. I could eat at least two apples a day. I don’t think that keeps the doctor away though because my health is still sucky as always.

Sauteed zucchini. One of my other favorite healthy snacks. It is simple, easy to make, and tastes like butter – minus actual butter.

I have finally been able to bust out the low calorie hot cocoa. It was chilly this week, so I got to warm myself up with this delicious chocolatey goodness. I can’t wait till the weather is actual permanently cold because then I’ll be able to wear scarves, boots, and enjoy warm drinks without sweating to death. Can’t wait.

Happy Wednesday!


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