The Turkey Trot

Hey ya’ll! It is Thursday, one more day till my birthday, and I’ve decided to host a super awesome event through my blog. Introducing the ULTIMATE Turkey Trot: 6 weeks to healthy. Everyone always feels guilty after Thanksgiving or during, so why not offer a challenge to adopt some healthy habits and obtain some goals in the 6 weeks till Thanksgiving. I’m inviting ya’ll to come join me on my journey and help support one another to a healthier lifestyle.

How to Participate:
1. Make a list of goals for yourself to achieve in 6 weeks
2. Post every Thursday about what you have accomplished this week.
3. Write about what you are doing to make this happen.

My Goals:
1. Work out at least 1 hour a day (mixing up various types of exercise).
2. Lose around 3-18 lbs (it is healthy to lose around .5-2 lbs per week).
3. Lose inches in my thighs and arms.
4. Do about 1000 sit ups a day.
5. Try out new recipes each week in order to mix up my meal plan.
6. Get a good amount of sleep every night.
7. Keep focus on school and getting good grades.

The main way to do this is through a good support system and a positive attitude. Most people that try to lose weight want a quick fix and get negative about not seeing results fast, but that isn’t the way to be healthy. People that keep weight off tend to be the ones that lose it slowly and in a good manner by recording their food intake and getting a healthy amount of exercise.

I hope everyone has an awesome Thursday! I know I’m super excited since my birthday is tomorrow. What are your goals for the Ultimate Turkey Trot?



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