Trailer Love

Hey ya’ll! I’m getting good at this whole posting every day thing (then again I’m only on day two). For today, I thought I would share another amazing food trailer. My love for food trailers started many many years ago when I also coincidentally started my love for cupcakes. I saw a cupcake trailer across from a restaurant I was at and it was love at first sight. Now I’ve gone on a tangent, the purpose of the story is that I love food trailers, and I have a really special one for ya’ll today.

DSC02705This beauty is Dock N Roll. They mainly serve lobster rolls, but have other sandwiches available for those that don’t want lobster. Not sure who that is because lobster rolls are one of the greatest things on this planet besides sushi and cupcakes. I found out about this trailer from my grandma. She too loves a good lobster roll, and is always seeking one in Austin. Well out of the blue, some Jews (of course we Jews know everyone) opened this trailer and my grandma actually knows the owner, so poof now we had amazing lobster rolls. I’m so happy because since I’ve moved back from Boston I miss those suckers so much.

DSC02706Here it is, the big kahuna. No, that isn’t the actual name for it, but it is the main dish at Dock N Roll. Not only do they have a lobster roll, but you can get it in various styles. For those that don’t like mayo, you can order it without. For those that want celery, you can order it with celery. The types of styles have cute names like Connecticut or Maine. I love when a place has that playful style to go along with amazing food. My mom actually ordered the lobster roll with double meat. It was so good. The lobster was fresh, it wasn’t heavily drenched in mayo, and it has the perfect amount of lettuce. This was pretty great, especially coming from Texas, which isn’t known for its lobster. The bun is TO DIE FOR. I appreciate a good bun whether it is a lobster roll, burger, or whatever.

DSC02707My brother ordered the Bacon Love. I’m not going to lie, but this was probably my favorite one. It was still a lobster roll, but it had chicken fried apple wood smoked bacon mixed in with the lobster. At first I thought it was going to have a weird taste, but the smokiness of the bacon mixed well with the creaminess of the lobster mixture. When we go again I’m definitely going to order this bad boy.

DSC02708I decided to branch out a bit when we went. Mainly because my mom said I could have some of her lobster roll, but I also wanted to try something new. I got the shrimp po’boy. Oh Lindsay, of course you picked that since you have that crazy cajun blood in you. As soon as I saw the word Remoulade, my heart started beating faster (what can I say I love my cajun food). The shrimp were perfectly fried and it was topped with a sweet slaw and my good old Remoulade sauce. It was love at first bite. It had a nice crunch to it from the shrimp and slaw combination, and the softness of the bread went along well. I loved it, but definitely favored my brothers because of the crazy combination of bacon with lobster.

If you are ever in Austin or if you live in Austin, GO HERE IMMEDIATELY! Trust me, you won’t regret it. The service is extremely friendly and quick, so you won’t have to wait long for your meal.


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