I Live in Taco Heaven

Hey ya’ll! This whole going back to school thing after having a four day break is definitely not cool. I’m exhausted. Class for the most part was interesting except for my biochemical nutrition class – what a snooze. On to better subjects like tacos. Living in Austin and I guess Texas in general you have amazing tacos everywhere. One of my favorite taco places in Austin is Taco Deli.

20121001_224659-tacodelisignSince my best friend was in town, she wanted to get Taco Deli one morning. We met up with one of our other really good friends and her friend. Of course going on a Sunday morning leads to a long line out the door and a packed parking lot, but oh well it is always worth it to crush some tacos. Plus waiting in line gave us time to chat about the night before and little bits from our life. By the time we got to the front, my stomach was eating itself and I was ready to dig in.

DSCN0148Oh god yes. Queso. So amazing. My best friend loves queso as do I, so we all decided to order a large queso to share. It isn’t my favorite queso in town, but that doesn’t mean it is not good. It is more on the liquidy side rather than a thick version, which most people are used to.

DSCN0149I had to throw in a second picture because look how good it is. Doesn’t it just make your mouth water and your stomach grumble? As my best friend stated as she was eating it, “can you just roll me in it” or “coat my entire body with it”. Obviously it is some pretty good queso if she wants to have cheese sauce all over her body.

DSCN0150I ended up just ordering two tacos. I wish I would have gotten more to go for later because these were so delicious. I decided to branch out for once and try something new. They had a Bahn Mi Taco on the menu board. Well I like Asian food, I like Vietnamese food, and I like Bahn Mi sandwiches, so why the heck not? Oh god, good choice on my part. The pork was so tender and had all the right Asian flavors in the rub of the pork. It was topped with shredded carrots and daikon, which added those classic tastes from a bahn mi sandwich. I was in taco heaven.

DSCN0151I decided to be somewhat healthy (I mean the tacos aren’t that bad for you to begin with), and I went with a vegetarian taco for my second one. I got the mushroom taco, which was amazing. The mushrooms were sauteed perfectly and topped with peppers and onions to give it that fajita style flavor. There were definitely some other vegetarian tacos I wanted to try, but I’m happy that I picked this one. I have a love for mushrooms. Once again I was on my taco cloud 9.

DSCN0152Look at that beautiful basket of tacos. Now aren’t you jealous that you don’t live in Austin or Texas? You can never experience good tacos or even good brisket/BBQ (that is a whole different story that sometime I will have to get to). Now you can salivate over my pictures while I enjoy a nice taco. Actually I’m eating vegetarian sloppy joes at the moment (thanks to my amazing roommate), but oh well.

Have an awesome Tuesday. I have a job interview for something really cool. Hopefully I get it, but if not life goes on.


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