WIAW Passover Edition

Hey ya’ll! It is that glorious time of the week again, What I Ate Wednesday. Even though Passover ended last night when the sun set, I’m going to share with you some of the wonderful passover goodies that I had during my week without chametz. Thanks to Jenn for hosting this fun day where all us bloggers get to upload a bunch of delicious looking pictures to drool over and secretly be jealous of what everyone else is. I know that no one will be jealous of what I ate since Passover sort of sucks. I mean who really wants to eat a piece of cardboard for a week? Me, but only just a little bit because I discovered matzah s’mores.

photo(7)This is the second day of passover. The first day I didn’t go to a seder because I had just gotten back to school from my week long of death and I wasn’t in feeling the greatest to go sit through a five hour meal with some Jews. Trust me, seders can be a lot to handle. So for breakfast I had scrambled eggs with deli chicken and mexican blended cheese. To be honest I’m not into eggs right not, but since I couldn’t have my beloved oatmeal (damn you for being chametz), I had to settle for eggs. They actually went a long nicely with the matzah. I pretended I was eating a Jewish breakfast taco. It worked wonders on my mind in order to get through the grossness of eating eggs.

photoOh look a stack of matzah, delicious….oh wait, that was sarcasm. I’m not sure anyone wants to eat a pile of plain matzah. That night I went to seder at my aunts house. Apparently my dad told everyone that I wasn’t coming because when I showed up people were shocked and excited. Cool. Don’t worry we ate the matzah with delicious toppings and not plain because that is just gross.

photo(6)The egg. Probably my favorite part of the seder besides matzah ball soup. Jews love food, so why not use food to symbolize our struggles in life. The egg in this instance is a symbol to mourn the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. I don’t really mourn when I eat the egg. Instead I sort of rejoice and then I snatch everyone elses egg to eat too. My family knows to bring me extra eggs during this part of the seder. The green tree looking thing is called karpas (also known as parsley, but you know we Jews like to make things fancy). You dip it in salt water to reflect on the pain that the Jews felt in Israel. The salt is supposed to be the tears. It tasted like a wilty plant, but thankfully we also had celery as an option. Good choice!

photo(1)Look at this trio of…things that look like mushed baby food. No, the thing on the left is actually quite delicious. It is called Charoset and it represents the mortar used by the Jewish slaves to build the pyramids of Egypt (I told you that Jews like to use food for everything). This is a sweet mixture of apples, nuts, and white wine along with a bunch of other things. I love putting this on matzah or just eating it straight out of the bowl. The other stuff is horseradish, but in Hebrew it is called Maror. It represents the bitterness that the Jews experienced during their time as slaves in Egypt. Let me tell you something, if you want to clear your sinuses then this is the stuff for you. I had too much and man I could smell a whole new world after that. You put the maror and charoset together on matzah to make a Hillel sandwich, delicioso.

photo(5)Gefilte fish is not only scary to non-Jews, but to Jews too. When I see those creepy jars filled with the fish lining up the shelves in the kosher section I freak out a bit. I refuse to eat that junk, but when my grandmother’s old neighbor makes it from scratch you best believe that I will be eating it. It is the best I’ve ever had and the only Gefilte fish I will ever eat in my entire life. It will be a sad day when I move away and don’t get to enjoy it during my seder anymore.

photo(4)Everyone’s favorite part of the meal is of course the matzah ball soup. People do mess this up, luckily it is never with my family. The balls are soft and soak up the chicken soup. I could really just go for a million matzah balls and little to no chicken soup. You always have to remind yourself that you are getting a good meal after the soup because otherwise you might just fill up on the soup and not be able to enjoy my family’s fine cooking.

photo(3)The dinner that night was delicious. There were roasted brussel sprouts. Potato kugel. I cannot get enough kugel in my life (I feel like that is a typical Jewish quote or something). I just really love kugel. Ya’ll need to go get on it, but try noodle kugel first (you won’t regret it). Then for the main part of the meal was BEEF. God I love meat. Well good cooked meat. The dinner was fantastic and we had tons of wine to go along with it. Fun fact is that my uncle is a wine dealer, so he gets all these fantastic wines from all over and we get to enjoy them at our family functions. Winning. I forgot to take a picture of dessert because I gobbled it up.

photo(2)The next morning I woke up at my mom’s house with a slight headache (oh you sneaky wine, I see you got me there). I decided to make some passover french toast out of this chocolate chip passover cakebread thing. It was delicious. It fueled me up and I went back to school (boo for the whole going to school thing- I have senioritis really bad right now and it is quite a problem)

I hope ya’ll enjoyed my little passover post! Have an awesome WIAW!


One thought on “WIAW Passover Edition

  1. ahhh that fish totally scares me in that isle to! homemade def sounds better… matzo smores?!? genius. I abs. loveeee matzo ball soup! one of my fav soups in the winter. That kugel looks awesome too, never even heard of it but would eat it in a second!

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