WIAW the Art of the Party

Hey ya’ll! We are halfway through the week. Exciting. Today is the first day I woke up and was not sore. Success. I’m on my 4th day of Insanity and 2nd day of Hip Hop Abs. Shaun T does both of these workouts and it is quite funny to see the difference between him in both of them. In Hip Hop Abs he is super cheesy and hilarious while in Insanity he is super intense and motivating. I gotta love those workout videos. I think I like them because I can do them on my time and get an intense workout. I really hate the whole idea of driving to the gym, etc etc. Anyways today is my favorite day of the week, What I ate Wednesday. Thanks Jenn for hosting such a fantastic day every single week! Today mine has a special theme, ART. I love art and Austin is surrounded by art as you will see throughout my post.


In Austin there is this really cool place called Hope Garden (although the name may have been changed) where graffiti artists can come and express themselves on the walls of this place. There is this huge castle behind all the walls too, so I think the name may have something to do with a castle. This was one of my favorite pieces at the place. I took my best friend when she was in town from Boston and it was cool seeing so much artwork in one space. I love graffiti to be honest. I really don’t think it should be illegal if it is like this or Banksy style.


For breakfast I had chocolate blueberry flourless pancakes. These were delicious. I made a blueberry compote for the topping. Such a good idea. I will definitely be sharing this recipe with you tomorrow. I ended up making two servings of it. That was probably because I used egg whites this time instead of just a regular egg. I probably would have had even more if I used a 1/4 c to scoop out the batter, but last minute I was like why not use a 1/3 cup. I made 8 pancakes total. I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow!


Healthy snack alert! I made kale chips. I am obsessed with kale chips. Usually my roommate makes them and they are so crispy and delicious, so I thought why not create my own. I think I put too much kale on one pan, but they still came out crispy. I topped mine with nutritional yeast, Parmesan, and olive oil. Such a winning combination. Kale is really good for you, so I definitely recommend making these or making a salad of kale in order to get a large amount of nutrients.


I was walking town lake in Austin when I saw this one. We were just about to go across a bridge to walk the other side of the lake when I noticed this. I love shoes, so obviously I had to snap a picture of this. I love that small little things like this are just hidden all around the city waiting for someone to discover it. I think it just makes us more unique. Keeping Austin weird.


You know I had to throw a salad into the mix. This one has spinach leaves, veggie patch falafel, and slices of mushrooms that I stole from my brother. He wasn’t using them anymore, so I thought why not throw them in my salad. These falafel balls are amazing. They are from the same company that made the meatballs I used in my meatball sub recipe, so you should definitely check out all the products they have to offer. I swear vegetarians get the best frozen food products. Noms.


My favorite banana truck has been open for a little while now for the new season, so I obviously had to go get me one of these bad boys. I just got a plain one. It had dark chocolate and was rolled in sprinkles. I follow them on instagram and they have specials occasionally, which I’ve been really wanting. One of them was called an Almond Joy. It had chocolate, caramel, coconut, and chopped almonds. It looked like a banana heaven on a stick. I can’t wait to check out what this week’s special is.


This is what I am probably obsessed with most in life. Cauliflower crust pizza. Ever since I made it for the blog, I have been eating it non-stop. This has honey bbq sauce, sliced ham, pineapple, and low moisture mozzarella. It is so good. I think I cooked the crust perfectly this time. It was crisp and browned just the way it should be. The honey bbq may be the best sauce to put on the pizza. It is sweet yet tangy. It goes well with the citrus flavor of the pineapple and the saltiness of the sliced ham. This recipe is my best friend.


This is an iconic graffiti in Austin besides the I love you sign. It says never give up and has pacman next to it. This is on town lake too. I think it is super cute and motivational especially for the runners and bikers that always go past it on the trail.


Since summer is upon us, my mom and I decided to get some fresh fish. Halibut is our favorite and it was on sale at Central Market, so we were like why not? We also ended up buying a spicy soy glaze for the fish. It wasn’t spicy at all and had just the right amount of flavor. The halibut was meaty and cooked perfectly. The meat just flaked off as you dug your fork into it. I made a side of green beans for it. Yep, canned green beans. Can’t live without them.

I hope you all have a fantastic WIAW!

What do you think of graffiti? Is there a lot around you?
What is your favorite kind of art?

19 thoughts on “WIAW the Art of the Party

    • YES! I try to throw in random other exercise ideas into my day too so I’m not just doing insanity, but the workouts are different every day, so I think that helps a little for me. So cool you worked out with him LIVE. I’m kind of jealous haha

  1. Wow, so many delicious-looking eats! The only way I can eat a banana is if it’s covered in chocolate and frozen (I know, it’s a serious problem. 😉 ), so that one looks sooo good. I think sprinkles make everything better.
    Would you recommend hip hop abs? It sounds like you’re enjoying it, and I’m in need of a new workout.

    • It is good for a light workout. I don’t sweat much, but I think it is fun and you can laugh too because Shaun T is so cheesy in it. It is a 4 week program. I didn’t pay for any of them because I’m cheap, but they are easy workouts I do when I first workout then later in the day I do my death Insanity workout. I was told that Turbo Jam is a really good workout video to try, so I think I may do that once I finish these two.

  2. Austin has a banana truck? I wish Phoenix had one of those! Chocolate covered bananas are my weakness! I can definitely relate to you about wanting to workout at home. I went through a phase last summer when it was too hot here and I didn’t want to drive to the gym so I did Jillian Michaels workout DVDs a lot. I should try insanity, but I am terrified for some reason that I won’t be able to make it through!

    • Yes banana trucks are amazing. YES it is so hot here too and I’m like ugh I don’t want to go outside. If I can survive insanity, you can totally do it. I think it is rough the first few days then your body starts to realize it is going through some intense training and the pain isn’t bad, but you will still be sweating to death lol

  3. Seriously, a banana truck? I want in on that. Frozen bananas are seriously the best thing ever especially when they’re topped with chocolate and sprinkles. Kale chips are also so good. I’ve gotten into a bad habit of buying the Kale Krunch brand almost every time I go to Whole Foods and I know I could make my own but theirs are just too good.

  4. A banana truck? Man, I am so jealous right now! I have to make my own banana treats! I look like a crazy woman freezing so many bananas every Sunday! I need a banana truck to make me look normal! I’m visiting Austin next weekend, so I’ll HAVE to try this! Thanks for the suggestion! xx

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