WIAW at Smorgasburg

Hey ya’ll! It is my favorite day of the week: What I Ate Wednesday. If only I didn’t have a midterm today I would be in the happiest moods, not to mention my water heater is broken, so I can’t take a shower this morning, but oh well. Let me think about food and I’ll be happy again. Thanks to Jenn for hosting this fantastic day! I have a special treat for ya’ll! I know a while ago I said I was going to go to Smorgasburg, but things didn’t work out and I only recently went on a Sunday to the location in DUMBO. This may be the greatest event ever. It reminds me a bit of the gypsy picnic in Austin, but different since only a few of the food stands here are food trucks. Lets see all the food that I ate (I split it with my friend Isa, so I am not a huge pig).

photo 1

This was Chicken Parmesan Bruschetta. Yes, it is an entire piece of chicken parm, which in my opinion is amazing. We had the shop cut it in half, so my friend and I could both enjoy a piece of it. The chicken was fried perfectly and it wasn’t overly breaded The sauce with the tomatoes was delicious. It had a bit of a kick to it, which was nice. I liked that they served it on a piece of toast because it gave a good crunch to it. Overall this was definitely a good way to start out the day. Plus they had one immediately ready for us, so we didn’t have to wait at all, which was nice!

photo 2

If you know me, you know that I am going to creep on the website of a restaurant or event that I’m going to go to way in advance. So obviously I got on the Smorgasburg page and creeped on all the available vendors that were going to be there for the DUMBO location. When I saw that Brooklyn Wok Shop was going to be there, I had to check out their restaurant and menu online. It looked like heaven, so this was definitely on the list of immediate vendors I had to beeline to when I got to Smorgasburg. Such a good decision on my part.

photo 3

Introducing Duck Confit Dumplings. AMAZING. Seriously. I do not joke about dumplings. This place was amazing. The duck inside of the dumpling was so tender and moist. The dumpling held together nicely too when you ate it with chopsticks, which is sometimes a very hard thing to do. The sauce on top was sweet with a subtle hint of spicy. It went well with the duck. This place was amazing. I now really want to go to the restaurant. It took us about 2 seconds to order and only a 2 minute wait to get fresh dumplings. That is my kind of deal. There were other delicious options too that I wish I would have tried, but I’ll just wait until next time.

photo 1(1)

I love cornbread. It is one of the best things to have before your meal. I wish most restaurants served cornbread instead of that white or brown junk. This would be so much better. So a specialty cornbread vendor? Ummm greatest thing ever! This was a maple bacon piece of cornbread. It was really hard to pick because they had 3 or 4 other flavors that were favor tempting, but man this was definitely the right way to go. The sweetness from the maple syrup went great with the smokiness of the bacon. It was a hearty piece of cornbread. I will definitely be visiting this place to load up on some crazy cornbread. One little square was definitely not enough for my stomach.

photo 2(1)

I love a good grilled cheese. My friend and I headed straight towards Milk Food trucks stand to get us a grilled cheese. Unfortunately because it was later in the day most of the items were sold out, so we did not get to order our breakfast grilled cheese with cheese, a fried egg, and bacon. Instead we just got a regular grilled cheese and added bacon on it. I feel like it would have been elevated to a whole new level with the fried egg, but it was still really amazing. It took a while to get, but it was worth it. At many times, I was attempted to steal other peoples orders when they did not show up to get them. I was a good girl though and waited for my grilled cheese.

photo 3(1)

I love s’mores. Really I will eat anything that has a s’mores theme. They are so delicious, so when I saw that there was going to be gourmet s’mores, I knew I had to go get myself one. This was a pumpkin salted caramel s’mores. The marshmallow was a pumpkin marshmallow that was toasted then topped with salted caramel and squeezed in between two pumpkin graham crackers. Pumpkin overload. I was in heaven. It was super messy, but so delicious and sweet. The savoriness of the pumpkin and salt went well with the sweetness of the caramel. Overall I had one happy tummy.

photo 4

I seriously live in the best city. We got to enjoy our food out in the warm sun overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan. It was such a fun atmosphere. Not to mention all the cute guys that my friend and I had fun scoping out. This was definitely a fun foodie adventure that I allowed myself to have. I believe that you should always treat yourself at least one day a week. You deserve it after all the hard work you have been putting in. It wasn’t as if we even ate that much too because we split everything except the s’more, which was pretty tiny. I felt good after we left, but of course we had one more adventure in sight before we could leave the food adventure for the day.

photo 5(1)

CoolHaus goes to DUMBO Smorgasburg on Sundays, so my friend and I were on a mission to find this food truck. Oh what a hard mission it turned out to be. We walked around for a long time trying to find this food truck. Finally she read a tweet that had just been retweeted about where the actual location of CoolHaus was, so we trekked all the way to get in a huge line in order to get ourselves an ice cream sandwich to finish the day with. This was heaven. The cookie was a vegan chocolate banana truffle and the ice cream was chicken and waffles. Yes, I just said chicken and waffle icecream. It was mindblowing. Seriously I wish I would have gotten a tub of this to store in my freezer, so I could have a bite every few days. The cookie was great too. It was incredibly moist and went well with the icecream flavor. All in all I was a happy camper!

Have an awesome Wednesday! I’ll be studying until my exam at 7!

Have you ever been to a food truck event?
What is the one thing you would want to eat at an event?


2 thoughts on “WIAW at Smorgasburg

  1. TOO COOL! So I used to go to food truck events in California and have been wanting to go to Smorgasburg for the past few weeks! I think I have it in the books for the 26th when it’s apple themed 🙂

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