The Ultimate Holiday Bucket List

Hey ya’ll! Sorry I disappeared on you, but I’ve been crazy busy working on my research paper for applied physiology. I really am geeking out and love the topic that I’m writing about, which is how caffeine consumption affects endurance training versus resistance training. Maybe when I’m done I’ll have an educational post about it! That would be awesome, sharing my knowledge with the blogging world! Anyways I’m super excited about the holidays. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Thanksgivukkah, Chrismukkah. Oh how I love the cheer in the air, but maybe not the chilly weather that is going along with it (25 degrees, but feels like 16, not cool weather, not cool). Since I love the holidays so much, I’ve decided I’m going to share an epic holiday bucket list with ya’ll!


1. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade (perks of living in NYC, but you can always watch it on TV too).

2. Host a Thanksgivukkah bash at my apartment.

3. Finally bake pumpkin challah (and use the leftovers for challah french toast).

4. Decorate the apartment for the winter holidays (I’m thinking dreidels, menorahs, a fake Christmas tree, mistletoe)

photo 1

5. Bake my delicious holiday cookies, as many times as possible (Christmas and Hanukkah shapes – I need to go cookie cutter shopping too).

6. Watch all the classic Hanukkah movies: 8 Crazy Nights, The Hebrew Hammer, A Rugrat’s Hanukkah (such classics)

7. Enjoy all the Christmas classics too with my roommates!

8. Go on a classic holiday last minute gift shopping adventure with my little brother (probably get chased by a red car down the highway like always).

photo 3

9. Buy my first Menorah, preferably with a cat theme (I’m growing up, no longer a bat mitzvah girl, but a grown up Jewish girl in the city).

10. Go the the Menorah lighting on 95th at least once during Hanukkah.

11. Test out the inventive sufganiyot at Zucker’s Bakery in East Village (Sweet potato with marshmallow filling, pumpkin with cranberry filling – noms).

12. Go to a Christmas Tree lighting event in the city with my roommates!

13. Go see the Nutcracker at David Koch Theater with my roommates (as you can tell we love roomie dates).

14. Have a gingerbread house making party at our apartment.

photo 2

15. Decorate my first big Christmas tree when I go home for winter break (I’m so excited – we usually have our tiny fake white tree).

16. Buy a tacky Christmas or Hanukkah sweater.

17. Go to a bunch of holiday parties in the city and wear my tacky sweater with antlers on my head (this is definitely happening for sure on December 6th).

18. Kiss someone under a mistletoe (hmmm this might be hard to do, but I like a challenge).

19. Attend the Latke Festival in Brooklyn (maybe I should enter the competition – haha yeah right).

20. Bake a bunch of holiday treats to make gifts for all my friends.


21. Take a ton of photos.

22. Drive around Austin to find the best holiday lights in the city, and maybe trek to San Marcos to go to a drive through Christmas light show.

23. Get my hands on as many holiday goods as I can (peppermint hot chocolate, peppermint cake pops, gingerbread flavored treats, etc).

24. Walk down 5th ave and other streets looking at all the beautiful holiday window displays.

25. Have a classic Christmas adventure in New York by doing tons of holiday touristy things!

I hope ya’ll enjoyed this! As we are speaking, I’m working on some things on this list (pumpkin challah hehehe). Have an awesome rest of your Sunday. I’ll be getting in bed soon to finish my paper!

What is on your holiday bucket list?
What is a classic Christmas or Hanukkah tradition?


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