Sushi in THA Heights

One of my biggest pet peeves about my neighborhood, Washington Heights, is that sushi and good food in general is really hard to come by. Even if we wanted to have just cheap to go sushi, we had to trek all the way to 125th st on the 1 train in order to get some. Well we were super hungover on a Saturday and wanted to get sushi. We were so lazy though that we didn’t want to travel all the way to 125th st nor did we want to get any other cuisine. There has been this place, Sushi Yu 2, that pops up on our yelp, but it is expensive and only 3.5 stars (yes we are yelp snobs). However the hangover was hitting us so bad that we decided to trek there anyways and give it a try.


We were really surprised by the atmosphere. The inside of the restaurant had a super cute Japanese feel. It was kind of small inside, but I think that it made the place very intimate. At 8 pm there was actually quite a lot of people dining in the restaurant. I think a lot of people get the to go orders on grubhub, which I’m not sure why because everything is more expensive on the grubhub site in comparison to when you dine in. The service was pretty great. You get complimentary edamame when you dine in. I loved that. It was definitely starting the night off on a good note. Points for you Sushi Yu 2.


This was the Godzilla Roll. It is one of their super special rolls that are on the back of the menu, which I don’t think you can get them online, so sucks for you people that order online and don’t go dine in. It was a riceless roll, which I found to be very interesting. I think that was a good option because it allowed me to just get all the freshness from the fish and vegetables that were in the roll. It was extremely creamy and just melted in your mouth. Overall this roll was definitely a success. I would get it again, at least when I become a regular after I try out a bunch of other rolls.


Yeah hmm this picture is a little dark and blurry. My bad. I was too busy thinking about shoving all my food in my mouth. Priorities people. Anyways this is the salmon mango avocado roll. It is pretty simple, but I like that it just has mango and avocado in it with raw fish. I feel like those things go great with the fish because they have similar textures and provide a creaminess to blend it all together. I was satisfied. It was a good way to try out my first experience. I feel like anytime you try a new sushi restaurant, you should get a crazy roll, a simple roll, and two pieces of nigiri. My roommate ended up getting the nigiri to test it out.


Our friend who went with us ended up getting the amazing roll. It looked pretty amazing to me. I love anything that is drenched with sauce. The roll had spicy yellowtail, crunch, tempura, and green pepper inside with pepper tuna, scallion, and masago on top. The sauce on the top was just called spicy sauce, but I think it was definitely a blend of like three different sauces. I think I will have to try this roll next time I go. The pieces are really big too, which is nice for the price. Although I think the prices are definitely standard for sushi. Not pictured is my roommate’s New York Roll and her nigiri. I was too distracted with my own food. Plus I think some people think I get a little crazy when I am snapping pictures of all the food. I can’t help it. Luckily she is pretty used to my shenanigans.


Have a great Saturday! I am up in the mountains probably falling on my butt at this point as I learn how to ski. There will definitely be a hilarious recap of my weekend sometime this next week.


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