The Sushi Date

Hey ya’ll! I only have one more full day here in Austin. It feels kind of weird since I’ve been gone from New York for so long, but I’m looking forward to going back and getting in the swing of things. Plus I just miss my roommates. We have the best roommate life. Anyways I couldn’t leave Austin without going on a traditional sushi date with my brother to one of our favorite spots in Austin: Roll On Sushi Diner. I was excited because we were going right when they started a new menu! So I was definitely going to take that new menu on a test drive to see if it was up to their standards.


This was one of the new items on the menu. It was the cherry blossom, which is super cute in general because it looks like a flower on the plate. It was avocado, cucumber, and salmon wrapped with tuna and topped with spicy krab, creamy garlic sauce, and crunch. This roll was really delicious. I liked that there was two types of fish on it because it gave a nice mixture of creamy textures. The spicy krab gave a little kick to the dish too. So far Roll On was 1/1 on this new menu. I was looking forward to what else was to come.


This may be my new favorite roll. Such a great addition to the menu. This was the dirty harriet. I love the plays on names for the rolls that they have here. It makes the restaurant fun and very relaxed unlike some sushi restaurants that are very traditional. The roll had spicy whitefish, cucumber, and avocado topped with baked salmon krab mix. That krab mix was the bomb. No joke. It was like a cheesy concoction that sat upon a perfect sushi roll. I was in heaven. It sort of brought me back to the Japanese Lasagna at one of my other favorite sushi restaurants in Austin: Tomodachi. Anyways I was impressed that Roll On was 2/2, but not really surprised because the quality for this restaurant was on point.


This was a more simple roll on the menu, which was located under the traditional rolls section. It was just a spicy scallop crunch roll. I thought it was a great way to have a break in between all the rich rolls that we ate while at Roll On. The scallops were chopped up finely, so the bites weren’t too large to fit into my mouth. The crunch was nice because it gave a variety to the textures. Overall it was good choice to switch up with if you are thinking of getting something like the spicy tuna or salmon roll.


Oh how I love rolls like this. In my opinion, the more creative the better. This was the El Goucho roll. It had brisket, arugala, roasted red peppers, and goat cheese in it. The wrapper was a soy wrapper. It was mindblowing. You would think that all of these ingredients would taste really disgusting in a sushi roll, but oh man was I surprised that this was so good. The brisket was smoky and the creaminess from the goat cheese melted right into my mouth as I would take a bite at a time. I would definitely get this one again. Go Roll On, you are killing it with these rolls.


This was one of the new Austin inspired rolls. I love that Austin provides such an inspiration for food. It makes eating that much more fun. This was the 512 Club. It was deep fried and contained chicken, fried bacon, and other delicious things inside. It was served with guacamole and pico de gallo. I would never think that smearing guacamole all over a piece of sushi would be something that I would love to consume over and over again, but man once again I was surprised. This is a definite on the order again list. I thought I was going to burst at this point, but I was like MUST GET IN MOUTH. It was worth every single bite and now I’m in a sushi coma laying on my couch watching lifetime movies (yes, I’m just that cool watching lifetime movies on my winter vacation).


This wasn’t a new item on the menu, but in my brother and I’s eyes this is a classic and a must for every time we go to Roll On Sushi Diner. It is the Lo Burn, which is so tasty for such a simple roll. I definitely think it is the combination of sauces with the lightly fried outside of the sushi roll that make it so amazing. I always recommend this roll to everyone that is a first timer at Roll On. It makes them fall in love with the sushi that this restaurant has to offer and it makes them realize that this isn’t your typical boring sushi restaurant. With the jalapeno and tempura shrimp, it gives you the best of both worlds: fried things and spiciness. It isn’t a trip to Roll On without this bad boy.


This item isn’t new either, but it is something that I haven’t reviewed. I definitely recommend this one too. It is the dream roll and man does it gives me happy dreams of delicious sushi. The roll has tempura shrimp, spicy tuna, cream cheese, and cucumber topped with krab, yellow tail, salmon, avocado, spicy mayo, unagi sauce, crunch, and scallions. It is a million things that somehow mesh so well together. I think something that sets these rolls apart besides the creativity is the freshness of the fish. All the proteins used in the rolls are top quality, which always makes it that much better.

I am in love with Roll On Sushi Diner as I have been for the last two years since they have been open. Discovering this place was a dream come true. The staff is fantastic and always trying to make your experience better than the previous one. They are always coming up with creative rolls and menu items, which makes it fun and exciting to always go because something is always new. I love this place and am a total loyal customer for life.

What is your favorite sushi place?
Do you like to eat sushi?


Gorging on Doughnuts

Hey ya’ll! It is Saturday, which for me means that it is my cheat day to eat whatever I want. Today we decided to celebrate my mom’s birthday a little early since I’m headed back to the big apple on Tuesday. That meant we ended up going to some food trailers on south first street. Specifically we had lobster rolls at Dock and Roll then for dinner we got doughnuts from Gourdough’s to go. So this post is all about the decadent, fatty doughnuts that they serve up.


Now let the food porn commence. No joke. I have some drool worthy photos to share with ya’ll today. This was my mom’s substitute for birthday cake. I was so happy that we ended up getting doughnuts to go for dinner later because I miss this trailer up in NYC. Not that I was eating this all the time in Austin, but I would definitely go once every four to five months in order to fulfill all my glutinous cravings that I have. Actually I don’t really crave anything, but it is just an Austin thing to do. Whenever I have friends visiting, this is a must on the to do or to eat list. I still haven’t been to the Gourdough’s pubhouse, which makes me sad, but I guess that will be on the list of next trip things to do.


My mom is a chocolate lover, so she ended up choosing blackout. She also loves brownies, so I think that definitely was another reason why she chose this bad boy. The doughnut has brownie batter, chocolate fudge icing, chocolate covered brownie bites, chocolate chips, and chocolate fudge. If you don’t love rich amounts of chocolate then this definitely is the doughnut for you. I thought it wasn’t too rich though. My brother warned that it would make you sick, but I had one bite and I thought it wasn’t too overwhelming and really delicious. My mom was in chocolate heaven.


Hello beautiful, I do love you too. This is my beautiful doughnut. Pretty much everything that is great in the world wrapped up in one doughnut. I ended up getting the Fat Elvis. It had peanut butter, bacon, maple syrup, and caramelized bananas. Really the doughnut had me at bacon and bananas. I love an elvis sandwich, so I thought that this would definitely live up to the hype.


Yeah it definitely lived up to the hype. This doughnut was sick (in a good way – for those of you that don’t know dorky slang). The caramelized bananas were the cherry on top of this doughnut. It was so great to mix the creaminess of the banana with the smokiness and crispiness of the bacon. It was a foodie’s heaven. The maple syrup obviously went perfectly along with this since it was another sweet taste. The doughnut itself was a pretty simple cake that served as the base for the toppings. I would definitely get this again because it didn’t make me feel really gross after consuming it.


My brother always makes interesting choices here at Gourdoughs. Although he is pretty predictable in what he will get. It always will involve fruit. Some of his favorites include Son of A Peach and Granny’s Pie. I don’t blame him because fruit serves as a perfect topping on top of these delicious cake doughnuts. This one here is the Carney. The doughnut has apple pie filling, cream cheese icing, caramel, and dry roasted peanuts. I get that the peanuts would be at a carnival, but I don’t really see apple pies being at carnivals. I like the name though because it is a fun play on it.


I ended up sneaking a bite because he left his doughnut with us, so he could eat it tomorrow. I really thought this was an interesting tasting doughnut. I didn’t think it was spectacular like all of the other doughnuts I’ve had at Gourdough’s, but I did think it was okay. I think all of the different things on the doughnut didn’t mix that well together. Maybe the doughnut should have been stuffed with the apple pie filling instead of having it as a topping. I felt like something was missing, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

You can’t go wrong by stopping at Gourdough’s, so definitely next time you are in Austin, hit up this place. Also you can get a lobster roll or tacos since two other trailers share the lot with this goldmine.

What would you put on top of your doughnut?
What is your favorite type of doughnut?