Belated Birthday

Hey ya’ll! This week is sort of crazy for me. I’m taking the GRE on Thursday night, so I’ve been devoting my life to studying for it. I am praying that I do good, so I don’t have to take it again. That thing is freaking expensive. To be honest, I don’t really think you need to be skilled in geometry or have a high vocab to get your masters in nutrition and exercise physiology. Anyways this past weekend it was my mom’s birthday! I seriously love my mom to death, she is pretty awesome.


Funny story actually. So on Friday we went to this place called Hey Cupcake to get my cousin a few cupcakes for her birthday (yeah, all of my relatives are born at the same time – weird), and my mom decided to get one for herself for her birthday. The guy working there was like well how old are you and she was like guess how old my daughter is, so he looks at me and goes 16. REALLY DUDE? Like really? I’m 23, but sure 7 years off isn’t bad. He then proceeds to flirt with me and talk about how tall women are beautiful. Umm okay, you just thought I was 16 about 5 seconds ago.

DSCN0160For my mom’s actual birthday, we ended up going to the Whole Foods in downtown Austin to pick up lunch and about 5 million desserts. Okay, I exaggerated a bit. Only like 6 desserts because there was a surprise waiting for my mom at home. We first went to go get my mom a chocolate covered caramel apple at the chocolate bar in the Whole Foods, and that is where I saw some pretty cool stained glass chocolate. I love that chocolate is an art form. I also love the way it tastes. You are probably a deeply disturbed person if you don’t like chocolate.

DSCN0167For my lunch I had a salad from the hot and cold food bars. I piled it on with delicious goodness. It had spinach leaves and romaine lettuce, eggplant with miso glaze, roasted zucchini, grilled mushrooms, pesto roasted tofu, edamame, and some roasted tomatoes. Healthy and delicious. That is my style. My brother and mom split a sandwich called the Mopac. I know ya’ll are telling me to shut up about the food and just get to the desserts, so lets do this.

DSCN0171That is beautiful. I have a weakness for cherries. Oh and if you didn’t already know chocolate too. I love chocolate. This was a black forest cake in a cup. I love when Whole Foods smashes up a dessert and puts it in a cup to go. This dessert was probably my favorite of all the ones we picked out to have. It was so rich from the chocolate and it was moist. Thank god because I hate when cakes or brownies are like crispy instead of squishy.

DSCN0170That cloud of fluffy icing looks like a nice pillow that I just want to lay on and eat it up. Maybe not exactly, but I definitely want to gobble it up. This is the tres leches cake at Whole Foods. If you haven’t had it, you seriously need to get in your car and go pick one up immediately. This is probably the moistest cake I have ever had, and also the best tres leches cake I’ve probably had too. Whole Foods does a perfect job of incorporating the classic flavors of this traditional Mexican dessert.

DSCN0163The surprise that was awaiting my mother. A Banana Fosters birthday cake. Yes, I know. This actually exists in reality. Thank you Whole Foods for being the greatest place in the world. Okay I wouldn’t go that far, but I do love the Whole Foods. Really just the one in Austin because it is the headquarters and far superior to any other one in the world.

DSCN0169This cake was heaven. It had a thin layer of caramel for every icing layer within the cake. The bottom of the cake was surrounded in dehydrated bananas, I was a fan and no one else was. The icing was fluffy and delicious, while the cake was not dry and had so many flavors packed into it. It was sort of overwhelming, but in a good way.

DSCN0173I ended up having some fruit salad, so I could pretend that I didn’t eat all of that dessert. I’m not that much of a fatty. I only had one or two bites of every dessert that we actually got. I liked the fruit salad though. It was only filled berries and pineapple. I was glad because I’m not a fan of honeydew and I hate when people put it in fruit salad. Gross.

DSCN0161I just thought this was really neat. We obviously didn’t buy a huge thing of chocolate, but I love how they do all these cool artsy pieces in the display case at the chocolate bar in the Whole Foods. I do wonder if someone actually buys these things. I wouldn’t mind if a guy bought me that key in dark chocolate.

DSCN0162We know I love cupcakes. My weakness in life. Whole Foods does such a good job at making the cupcakes look crazy adorable, so people will buy them. This one was my favorite one that day. It was an icecream sunday on top of a plain vanilla cupcake. I’ve had their cupcakes before, so I didn’t want to get one. I love the icing, but the cake is just sort of a cake. Whole Foods is obviously somewhere you don’t go to get the cupcakes, but still most of their desserts are pretty mind blowing.

What is your favorite dessert?
How often do you go to Whole Foods?

Snow in the Summer

Hey ya’ll! My last week of school is half over. I’m so excited that I have survived. I may not be surviving this heat though. In Texas, it has ranged from 104-106 almost every day. Even though I’ve lived here most of my life, I am definitely not used to it. In order to deal with this awful heat, I decided to sample all of the amazing New Orleans style snowcone spots in Austin. This list includes Sweet Caroline’s, Casey’s, and Ice Queens. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

First up is Sweet Caroline’s. There are multiple locations all around Austin, which is really nice because sometimes it is a hassle to trek all the way out to East Austin for a snowcone. Luckily for me, there is one down the street from where my mom lives. My mom and I decided to head over here one afternoon because I was craving a snowcone.

My mom got the Hawaiian wedding (one of the special flavors at Sweet Caroline’s). It was blue coconut, wedding cake, coconut, and it was topped of with cream. Cream makes everything better in my mind. I really enjoyed this combination of flavors though.

You remember from a few posts ago that I got the Hulk: Grape, Green Apple, and Pineapple. It was delicious. Not to mention that there were nerds all in the middle of the snowcone. Yes, I said nerds!
Hello wonderful sweet candy that is hidden in my snowball. I loved it. That is probably my favorite part about Sweet Caroline’s. They have crazy flavor combinations. The Hulk was just one of many. They had mixed flavors with gummy bears, a keep Austin weird flavor, a sweet Caroline’s flavor (strawberry and cream), and so many more. While I love the creative flavors, I probably will only go here because of convenience. It isn’t my favorite snowcone location.

Next up on the snowcone adventure was Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs. This has been a family favorite for many years. Like Sweet Caroline’s, they have their own special flavors that range from Strawberry Cheesecake to Boston Creme Pie. There is only one location in Austin, you have to use cash, and I’m not gonna lie but it looks super sketchy.

I decided on the grapefruit snowcone. It has a tart, but sweet flavor. Unlike my family members, I always opt to get a fruit flavor at Casey’s because they are so tasty and sweet. If you do not want to overload your sweet tooth, go with a Pineapple, Mango, or Grapefruit snowcone.

My brother got the Boston Creme Pie snowcone. I’m not gonna lie because this is always delicious. It has a couple of syrups and is then topped with cream. For so many years, this snowcone has been superior in my family and I’s eyes. The rich creaminess mixed with chocolate is the perfect treat for a hot summer’s day.

The last snowcone stand on the list is Ice Queens. I have been wanting to go here forever. No one would go with me. Oh it is in East Austin, we don’t want to drive out there or oh I’m full I can’t eat a snowcone right now. Well yesterday after my doctor’s appointment, I convinced my brother to go with me. Unfortunately, we decided to go at the worst time ever. It was 5 o clock traffic. It was totally worth it though. We pulled up to this lot behind a building and there was a red trailer waiting for us.

Yes, this is greatness in a cup. I got kingcake topped with condensed cream. When I was deciding what type of cream to get on top of it, the woman in the trailer was like do you want to eat something that tastes like a glazed donut? Well yes I do. That is exactly what it tasted like too. It was amazing. I was sold. This is now my favorite snowcone stand in Austin. I will drive out here just to have this sweet taste again.

My brother got apple pie topped with caramel. Oh man oh man was this perfect. It had like an apple cider spice taste and mixed with the caramel it was the perfect combination of tart and sweet. He was in heaven. Even though he wanted to kill me for making him go during the traffic, he was happy in the end.

Also Ice Queens gives punch cards. I love getting free things. Once we get 9 snowcones (this definitely won’t be hard to do), we get the 10th one free. I’m thinking of going this weekend already. I miss it so much. Besides rewards, the flavor list is AMAZING: cupcake, cake batter, apple pie, egg custard, pumpkin pie, and organic flavors. If you are ever in Austin during the summer, you must go here.

What would your dream flavor of a snowcone be?
Have you ever driven far for something to eat?