Sushi Adventure

Hey ya’ll! Sorry I’ve been gone so long. First I lost my camera, then I lost my camera charger, and now I have a new camera, which I bought myself for Hanukkah. I’m glad to be back though. I’ve been on tons of food adventures that I’ve been wanting to share with you. First up is my trip to Roll On Sushi Diner in Austin. It is definitely one of my favorite sushi places in Austin. The diner makes delicious rolls that are creative.

DSC02696This roll was called the Fruity Vegan. It was topped in a mango salsa which was to die for. The roll was super fresh, and filled with tons of fruit and vegetables. I like switching it up sometimes, and eating vegetarian rolls instead of meat.

DSC02697This was the sticky ball. Oh my god this was so amazing. It was a fried ball of rice that is covered in aoili and other various sauces. It was rolled in spices on the outside. It was a gooey ball of various Asian flavors. It is also only 3$ at Happy Hour, so if you live in Austin this is one of the best happy hours I have seen. They have tons of rolls for super cheap, SAKE BOMBS, and other delicious goodies for half the price.

DSC02698This was the Lo-Burn roll. It had shrimp tempura, unagi, and jalapenos tempura fried in the inside of the roll. The outside was also fried in tempura batter, and it was topped with spicy aioli, unagi sauce, and scallions. This definitely was probably my favorite roll of the night. It wasn’t too spicy since the jalapenos were fried in tempura, so it calmed down the heat a bit. The combination of the two sauces was pure perfection. It gave this sweet yet spicy flavor to the crunch of the tempura fried roll.

DSC02699This was the Machete Roll. It had a spicy salmon krab cake, jalapenos, avocado, chili confit garlic, it was tempura fried, and topped with chipotle aoili, guacamole, and pico de gallo. To be honest, I was not really a fan of this roll. I think Roll On was smart creating a Mexican style roll, but I still think they need to work on the flavors. It was just alright, and trust me that took a lot to admit because Roll On Sushi is one of my favorite places to eat in Austin for sushi (that I can afford because otherwise I’d be down for Uchi or Uchiko).

DSC02700The dynamite. Pretty much just looking at it you are already in heaven. This is my brother’s favorite roll at Roll On. I agree that it is amazing, but I can’t pick a favorite. It is an egg cream cheese topping that is seriously mind blowing or like dynamite.

DSC02701This is definitely one of my top five rolls at Roll On. It is the Respect My Asparaguh roll (don’t you just love the names – they are pretty cute and creative). The roll has sun dried tomatoes, asparagus, goat cheese, and it is topped with some candied walnuts and balsamic dressing.

DSC02703We have recently discovered that Roll On does these things called bowls. They are based on a sushi roll in the menu, but are the components broken up into larger pieces and placed in a bowl. We got the California bowl, which had soft shell crab, cucumbers, avocado, and rice with this sweet sauce. It was delicious. Next time I’m there for lunch or something, I will definitely get a bowl for my meal.

DSC02702This was the Dream Roll, which definitely lives up to its name. It was extremely delicious and the flavors were like a good dream in my mouth. It has shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, cream cheese, and cucumber layered with krab, yellowtail, salmon, and avocado. The roll was topped with spicy aoili, unagi sauce, scallions, and roll on crunch. AMAZING. I swear that anything with crunch on it is great in the sushi world. This is a must get on your trip to roll on.

I love roll on because the rolls are fresh, fun, and creative. Recently, they have created a Roll On Members Club, which is free to sign up for. Every time you dine there or order take out, the money spent will be added up as points on your cards. So each time you reach a certain amount of points, you receive rewards. So far just for signing up I get 5$ off my next meal there, which is pretty much a roll or appetizer. I’m stoked. I may even go this weekend!