Gorging on Doughnuts

Hey ya’ll! It is Saturday, which for me means that it is my cheat day to eat whatever I want. Today we decided to celebrate my mom’s birthday a little early since I’m headed back to the big apple on Tuesday. That meant we ended up going to some food trailers on south first street. Specifically we had lobster rolls at Dock and Roll then for dinner we got doughnuts from Gourdough’s to go. So this post is all about the decadent, fatty doughnuts that they serve up.


Now let the food porn commence. No joke. I have some drool worthy photos to share with ya’ll today. This was my mom’s substitute for birthday cake. I was so happy that we ended up getting doughnuts to go for dinner later because I miss this trailer up in NYC. Not that I was eating this all the time in Austin, but I would definitely go once every four to five months in order to fulfill all my glutinous cravings that I have. Actually I don’t really crave anything, but it is just an Austin thing to do. Whenever I have friends visiting, this is a must on the to do or to eat list. I still haven’t been to the Gourdough’s pubhouse, which makes me sad, but I guess that will be on the list of next trip things to do.


My mom is a chocolate lover, so she ended up choosing blackout. She also loves brownies, so I think that definitely was another reason why she chose this bad boy. The doughnut has brownie batter, chocolate fudge icing, chocolate covered brownie bites, chocolate chips, and chocolate fudge. If you don’t love rich amounts of chocolate then this definitely is the doughnut for you. I thought it wasn’t too rich though. My brother warned that it would make you sick, but I had one bite and I thought it wasn’t too overwhelming and really delicious. My mom was in chocolate heaven.


Hello beautiful, I do love you too. This is my beautiful doughnut. Pretty much everything that is great in the world wrapped up in one doughnut. I ended up getting the Fat Elvis. It had peanut butter, bacon, maple syrup, and caramelized bananas. Really the doughnut had me at bacon and bananas. I love an elvis sandwich, so I thought that this would definitely live up to the hype.


Yeah it definitely lived up to the hype. This doughnut was sick (in a good way – for those of you that don’t know dorky slang). The caramelized bananas were the cherry on top of this doughnut. It was so great to mix the creaminess of the banana with the smokiness and crispiness of the bacon. It was a foodie’s heaven. The maple syrup obviously went perfectly along with this since it was another sweet taste. The doughnut itself was a pretty simple cake that served as the base for the toppings. I would definitely get this again because it didn’t make me feel really gross after consuming it.


My brother always makes interesting choices here at Gourdoughs. Although he is pretty predictable in what he will get. It always will involve fruit. Some of his favorites include Son of A Peach and Granny’s Pie. I don’t blame him because fruit serves as a perfect topping on top of these delicious cake doughnuts. This one here is the Carney. The doughnut has apple pie filling, cream cheese icing, caramel, and dry roasted peanuts. I get that the peanuts would be at a carnival, but I don’t really see apple pies being at carnivals. I like the name though because it is a fun play on it.


I ended up sneaking a bite because he left his doughnut with us, so he could eat it tomorrow. I really thought this was an interesting tasting doughnut. I didn’t think it was spectacular like all of the other doughnuts I’ve had at Gourdough’s, but I did think it was okay. I think all of the different things on the doughnut didn’t mix that well together. Maybe the doughnut should have been stuffed with the apple pie filling instead of having it as a topping. I felt like something was missing, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

You can’t go wrong by stopping at Gourdough’s, so definitely next time you are in Austin, hit up this place. Also you can get a lobster roll or tacos since two other trailers share the lot with this goldmine.

What would you put on top of your doughnut?
What is your favorite type of doughnut?

WIAW (More like What Trailers I Ate)

Hey ya’ll! It is my favorite day of the week. What I Ate Wednesday. Since this is my first one back, I’ve decided to make it extra special. It is going to be based around…drum roll….TRAILERS. Ya’ll are probably sick of my love for food trailers, but I think you are just going to have to get over it. Shout out to Jenn for allowing me to post my love for trailers on her blog on Wednesdays. Lets get this WIAW party started.

capital-city-bakeryOh you have seen this trailer on my blog before? That is right. I love this trailer more than anything. Capital City bakery has a sweet spot in my heart. Not only because of the delicious cupcakes they serve or the cinnamon rolls, but the brownies with various toppings are mind blowing.

DSC02712I know your stomach is probably growling out of control right now staring at these beauties. Let me tell you, that woman knows how to make some amazing brownies. Seriously. The two brownies in this box are raspberry and peanut butter. Both icings are decadent and different in their own way. I couldn’t even pick what brownie was my favorite because they were both so delicious, I couldn’t handle it.

DSC02710My brother had a champagne cupcake. It was also equally as delicious, but in a different way. The hint of champagne was not strong enough to get you tipsy from a cupcake, but it was just enough to have that sweet bubbly flavor. I’m glad I got to have a bite of it.

DSC01572Oh the peached tortilla. Heaven in a food trailer pretty much. I discovered this place once at a farmers market, so I was excited to have run into this amazing trailer again in my life. Their menu spans from sliders to various kinds of asian inspired tacos. Tacos? Yes, sign me up. Also sometimes they sell some baked goods from a small company. I was once blessed enough to have a banana fosters cake pop. It was amazing as it sounds.

DSC01571Their bahn mi taco could give Taco Deli a run for their money. Unlike the pork in that taco, the pork in this taco is shredded. You get more bang for your buck. You know how we Jews feel about that. Also the sauce on top of it is amazing. I love a good sauce. Typical to a bahn mi taco, there was shredded carrots, daikon, and some cilantro. It was delicious. I could definitely eat a few of these.

DSC01580Cool Haus, one of the more popular trailers that is around the US. I think there is one in New York City and Los Angeles. Who doesn’t want a custom ice cream sandwich? Especially when the flavors of ice cream are so wacky like balsamic fig, candied bacon, and spicy pineapple. Then you get it sandwiched in between cookies such as chocolate chunk pretzel or smore’s. If you don’t want that you are obviously a crazy person.

DSC01581 We ended up getting the balsamic fig and marscapone icecream sandwiched in between snickerdoodle cookies. It was actually really delicious, I’m not gonna lie. At first I was like what is my brother thinking? Those are some weird flavor combinations, but the cinnamon flavors the snickerdoodle went perfectly with the fig and marscapone cheese in the ice cream. It was pretty good. This isn’t a trailer I would seek out on my own, but if I passed by on a hot day then I would definitely stop in.

This is all I’m going to give you for today. Trust me I got a lot more food trailers up my sleeve, but ya’ll probably wouldn’t be able to handle it if I threw them all on you at once. I hope everyone has a good wednesday. Only one more day left of class! Thank god. School is really exhausting especially when it is your last semester (wooooo).

Trailer Love

Hey ya’ll! I’m getting good at this whole posting every day thing (then again I’m only on day two). For today, I thought I would share another amazing food trailer. My love for food trailers started many many years ago when I also coincidentally started my love for cupcakes. I saw a cupcake trailer across from a restaurant I was at and it was love at first sight. Now I’ve gone on a tangent, the purpose of the story is that I love food trailers, and I have a really special one for ya’ll today.

DSC02705This beauty is Dock N Roll. They mainly serve lobster rolls, but have other sandwiches available for those that don’t want lobster. Not sure who that is because lobster rolls are one of the greatest things on this planet besides sushi and cupcakes. I found out about this trailer from my grandma. She too loves a good lobster roll, and is always seeking one in Austin. Well out of the blue, some Jews (of course we Jews know everyone) opened this trailer and my grandma actually knows the owner, so poof now we had amazing lobster rolls. I’m so happy because since I’ve moved back from Boston I miss those suckers so much.

DSC02706Here it is, the big kahuna. No, that isn’t the actual name for it, but it is the main dish at Dock N Roll. Not only do they have a lobster roll, but you can get it in various styles. For those that don’t like mayo, you can order it without. For those that want celery, you can order it with celery. The types of styles have cute names like Connecticut or Maine. I love when a place has that playful style to go along with amazing food. My mom actually ordered the lobster roll with double meat. It was so good. The lobster was fresh, it wasn’t heavily drenched in mayo, and it has the perfect amount of lettuce. This was pretty great, especially coming from Texas, which isn’t known for its lobster. The bun is TO DIE FOR. I appreciate a good bun whether it is a lobster roll, burger, or whatever.

DSC02707My brother ordered the Bacon Love. I’m not going to lie, but this was probably my favorite one. It was still a lobster roll, but it had chicken fried apple wood smoked bacon mixed in with the lobster. At first I thought it was going to have a weird taste, but the smokiness of the bacon mixed well with the creaminess of the lobster mixture. When we go again I’m definitely going to order this bad boy.

DSC02708I decided to branch out a bit when we went. Mainly because my mom said I could have some of her lobster roll, but I also wanted to try something new. I got the shrimp po’boy. Oh Lindsay, of course you picked that since you have that crazy cajun blood in you. As soon as I saw the word Remoulade, my heart started beating faster (what can I say I love my cajun food). The shrimp were perfectly fried and it was topped with a sweet slaw and my good old Remoulade sauce. It was love at first bite. It had a nice crunch to it from the shrimp and slaw combination, and the softness of the bread went along well. I loved it, but definitely favored my brothers because of the crazy combination of bacon with lobster.

If you are ever in Austin or if you live in Austin, GO HERE IMMEDIATELY! Trust me, you won’t regret it. The service is extremely friendly and quick, so you won’t have to wait long for your meal.

Snow in the Summer

Hey ya’ll! My last week of school is half over. I’m so excited that I have survived. I may not be surviving this heat though. In Texas, it has ranged from 104-106 almost every day. Even though I’ve lived here most of my life, I am definitely not used to it. In order to deal with this awful heat, I decided to sample all of the amazing New Orleans style snowcone spots in Austin. This list includes Sweet Caroline’s, Casey’s, and Ice Queens. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

First up is Sweet Caroline’s. There are multiple locations all around Austin, which is really nice because sometimes it is a hassle to trek all the way out to East Austin for a snowcone. Luckily for me, there is one down the street from where my mom lives. My mom and I decided to head over here one afternoon because I was craving a snowcone.

My mom got the Hawaiian wedding (one of the special flavors at Sweet Caroline’s). It was blue coconut, wedding cake, coconut, and it was topped of with cream. Cream makes everything better in my mind. I really enjoyed this combination of flavors though.

You remember from a few posts ago that I got the Hulk: Grape, Green Apple, and Pineapple. It was delicious. Not to mention that there were nerds all in the middle of the snowcone. Yes, I said nerds!
Hello wonderful sweet candy that is hidden in my snowball. I loved it. That is probably my favorite part about Sweet Caroline’s. They have crazy flavor combinations. The Hulk was just one of many. They had mixed flavors with gummy bears, a keep Austin weird flavor, a sweet Caroline’s flavor (strawberry and cream), and so many more. While I love the creative flavors, I probably will only go here because of convenience. It isn’t my favorite snowcone location.

Next up on the snowcone adventure was Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs. This has been a family favorite for many years. Like Sweet Caroline’s, they have their own special flavors that range from Strawberry Cheesecake to Boston Creme Pie. There is only one location in Austin, you have to use cash, and I’m not gonna lie but it looks super sketchy.

I decided on the grapefruit snowcone. It has a tart, but sweet flavor. Unlike my family members, I always opt to get a fruit flavor at Casey’s because they are so tasty and sweet. If you do not want to overload your sweet tooth, go with a Pineapple, Mango, or Grapefruit snowcone.

My brother got the Boston Creme Pie snowcone. I’m not gonna lie because this is always delicious. It has a couple of syrups and is then topped with cream. For so many years, this snowcone has been superior in my family and I’s eyes. The rich creaminess mixed with chocolate is the perfect treat for a hot summer’s day.

The last snowcone stand on the list is Ice Queens. I have been wanting to go here forever. No one would go with me. Oh it is in East Austin, we don’t want to drive out there or oh I’m full I can’t eat a snowcone right now. Well yesterday after my doctor’s appointment, I convinced my brother to go with me. Unfortunately, we decided to go at the worst time ever. It was 5 o clock traffic. It was totally worth it though. We pulled up to this lot behind a building and there was a red trailer waiting for us.

Yes, this is greatness in a cup. I got kingcake topped with condensed cream. When I was deciding what type of cream to get on top of it, the woman in the trailer was like do you want to eat something that tastes like a glazed donut? Well yes I do. That is exactly what it tasted like too. It was amazing. I was sold. This is now my favorite snowcone stand in Austin. I will drive out here just to have this sweet taste again.

My brother got apple pie topped with caramel. Oh man oh man was this perfect. It had like an apple cider spice taste and mixed with the caramel it was the perfect combination of tart and sweet. He was in heaven. Even though he wanted to kill me for making him go during the traffic, he was happy in the end.

Also Ice Queens gives punch cards. I love getting free things. Once we get 9 snowcones (this definitely won’t be hard to do), we get the 10th one free. I’m thinking of going this weekend already. I miss it so much. Besides rewards, the flavor list is AMAZING: cupcake, cake batter, apple pie, egg custard, pumpkin pie, and organic flavors. If you are ever in Austin during the summer, you must go here.

What would your dream flavor of a snowcone be?
Have you ever driven far for something to eat?

Food Trailer Love

Hey ya’ll! Sorry for no post yesterday. I’ve been extremely stressed out from all the stuff that has been going on in my life: school, health issues, and moving. Too much at times. Anyways for a much happier note, I thought I would share with you one of my loves in life. Food trailers. Austin is known for having some of the best food trailers, and living close by in San Marcos is great because the food trailer trend has come to town! I decided to go on a food trailer adventure.

St. Pita’s is probably my favorite trailer so far in San Marcos (although I’m still waiting to try a couple of the other ones). Obviously stated in the name, this trailer serves pitas. These pitas are ridiculously good. The menu only has four items on it: falafel, fried avocado, the classic with beef and lamb, and an all veggie pita. Since my trip to Israel, I have been on the search for falafel that is close to my new standards. This is a pretty hard task for food places since falafel in Israel is one of the greatest things, besides schnitzel of course.

I obviously ordered the falafel pita, which comes with chickpea fritters, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion sauce, and their saintly sauce. The saintly sauce is a mix of a chipotle aioli and tzatziki sauce. Crazy good is right. You have to ask for hummus on it, which I did since hummus makes everything better. Lesson 1 from Israel. They serve the pita’s really hot, so the temperature does not change when you are eating it. No one wants a cold falafel.

I am impressed. This falafel pita is pretty good. Instead of using a traditional stuffed pita, St. Pita’s rolls up the insides in a flat pita. Their pita is perfectly baked, and extremely soft. This goes well with the crunch of the ground chickpea fritters. I think the falafel are pretty good, maybe not as great as Israeli falafel because they are missing some spices I believe in the actual fritters. However, I still will go here time and time again to have this as my weekly treat. The saintly sauce is a little spicy, so be warned before diving into this pita without a drink. You will probably be wishing that you bought that water bottle.

Next on my stop was the trailer next to St. Pitas, which is How Sweet It is. The trailer serves cupcakes, cake balls, cheesecake bites, and gelato. What a hard decision about what to get. Not really though since I LOVE cupcakes. My future roommate said that these weren’t that great, so I wanted to make sure that it was true.

When I went to the trailer, they were having tons of new flavor specials. I decided on the root beer float cupcake and the cherry limeade cupcake. What creative flavors, right? Well first off, I find the icing to be generic. It sort of reminds me of frosting that you would find at a grocery store cupcake, but in my opinion I like that overly sweet taste. The limeade cupcake is lacking that lime flavor. It is very faint, so I would recommend adding more flavor to it. The root beer float cupcake had tons of flavor, and I thought it was pretty delicious. This cupcake trailer has hits and misses, so I’ll have to sample more things in order to figure out if it really is that great or not.

Since I have such a love for cupcakes, I decided to visit the other cupcake trailer in town to compare the cupcakes. Lovebaked has had my eye for a while now since they facebook about awesome 1/2 off discounts for students and unique flavors of the day like Banana Split. I was already out, so I went over.

I got the For the Girls cupcake, which is a vanilla cupcake filled with chocolate ganache and topped with fresh strawberry buttercream. Obviously from the picture and the description, lovebaked is far superior to How Sweet It is. The cupcake at Lovebaked had far more flavor in it, and the frosting was decadent. When you bite into the cupcake, there is the sweet surprise of the chocolate ganache. Not only is the cupcake delicious, but it has a cute name to go along with it. The staff at the trailer is extremely friendly, and I will definitely be frequenting this trailer most often.

While the cupcakes weren’t exactly on the Your Healing Diet plan, in my approach to dietetics and nutrition I believe that you need to treat yourself 20% of the time in order to have a completely healthy diet. There is no need to go overboard, but a cupcake (I divide mine into four pieces and have one piece at a time) is not going to hurt you. The falafel was on the plan though, which I love since it is healthy and delicious. It has actually inspired me to attempt to make my own falafel. Hopefully it comes out successful.

Have an awesome weekend! I’ll be studying for two exams that I have on Monday.

What is your favorite flavor of cupcake?
Have you ever been to a city with tons of food trailers?