One Trailer At A Time

Hey ya’ll! It is Thursday and I couldn’t be happier. Tomorrow I am flying off to Miami to go celebrate the wonderful thing known as Ultra Music Festival. In case ya’ll don’t know what it is, the festival is the largest dance/electronic music festival in the world. I can’t wait. Anyways for today’s post I thought I would write about something I love: food trailers (hopefully you aren’t sick of my posts on this topic). I can’t help it that Austin has a million trailers. My best friend from college was in town and we decided to go on a trailer adventure in order to get a good taste of Austin.

crepe-mille-1Back to an old favorite. South Congress is such a good area that has tons of food trailers, shopping, and weird little Austin things. I went here on my birthday weekend, had an amazing crepe in the rain, and decided that I must go back in order to try another one. I was excited because I started eating meat again, so I was going to get to try one of the many savory crepes that were available.

photo(3)Oh look at that beauty. We had the pork floss crepe. I think this one was even better than the last time I was there if that is even possible. It had authentic Chinese shredded pork and it was topped with thai chili sauce. An Asian crepe? Definitely the best way to go. The weather was perfect and so was the food. The pork was light like cotton candy and the sauce wasn’t too spicy. It also didn’t soak the crepe into a soggy mess, which I definitely appreciate. Yelp needs to get their stuff together because Crepe Mille definitely deserves at least 4 stars, not 3 and 1/2.

photo(4)Ya’ll know I have a huge weakness for snowballs. When we were walking up South Congress, I spotted this thing from a far away distance. Yes, my eyes are special and they locate things that I love in life. This trailer is new in Austin, so I thought I would test out the snowball quality of yet another stand.

photo(8)I decided to order the Cinderella. It was a mix of blue coconut and toasted coconut. As you saw in my last post, I love coconut. As soon as I saw on the menu that there was double the coconut then I knew I was going to get it. It was delicious. The only downside was that there was more blue coconut than the toasted coconut, so it sort of got overpowered. The other problem was that it became liquid very quickly, but I still thought it was tart and had a good flavor.

photo(5)While I munched on my snowcone, we waited for this interesting looking trailer to open up. They had an entire patio in front of their trailer! That was crazy cool. Since there was a cheese sign in front of the patio, we thought that the trailer probably sold something having to do with cheese or grilled cheeses. Obviously that meant we were going to check it out since cheese is one of our favorite food groups.

photo(6)Cheesey goodness. We decided to order the via 206. The sandwich had cheddar, gruyere, balsamic apricot fig jam, and it was on beer bread. I wish the sandwich was bigger. That was my only complaint. It was perfectly grilled, the cheese was melty and goey, and the fig jam provided a sweet taste to match the cheese flavors. I wish I lived down the street, so I could get myself a grilled cheese everyday.

capital-city-bakeryOf course I had to take my best friend to my best food truck: Capital City. Oh how I love these baked goods. Seriously best vegan treats in all of Austin. Maybe even the best desserts in Austin, but I love all desserts so that would be hard.

photoCapital city makes the cutest iced sugar cookies on the planet. When I saw this little cat in the bakery window, I just had to get it. It was delicious too. The cookie was soft and chewy. The icing was not too sweet and there wasn’t an excessive amount on top. I am definitely a fan of the cookies now (NOTHING is bad at this trailer, I swear).

photo(1)There were so many wonderful cupcakes in the window. However out of the corner of my eye, I saw her toasting some marshmallows in the back. Then I looked to the other side and saw a line of cupcakes waiting to be topped with the marshmallows. Hello, s’mores cupcakes. Of course I was going straight for that one. The cupcake was moist chocolatey goodness while the icing was a subtle sweet flavor. Not to mention the extra chocolate on top with the marshmallow. This cupcake was amazing. My friend ended up getting the blackberry lemon cupcake, which was also as delicious.

2The final stop was of course one of the greatest trailers in Austin: Gordough’s. My friend had heard a lot about this wonderful trailer not only from me, but from her family friend who lives in Houston. He told her that Gordough’s is a must! I wasn’t going to complain about going there because it is so good.

photo(7)This looks sort of like a pile of mush. It was definitely a super delicious pile of mush. We got the Sarah’s joy donut, which was chocolate and coconut. Pretty much like an mounds bar, but on a donut. The donut was also stuffed with coconut cream. Ummm YES. We ended up taking it to go because we were full at the time. We wanted to snack on it later though, so I guess that is why it looks like a pile of mush.

lA much prettier picture of the Sarah’s Joy donut. This is obviously not my picture because it is beautiful. All of my pictures look like a huge pile of junk. You can drool though and enjoy.

Have an awesome day and I’ll probably be on hiatus for a couple of days while I’m in Miami. Pretty much all I’ll be doing is dancing, raging, and sleeping. No time for blogging.

Oh the Places To Go

Hey ya’ll! Today is my last full day in Boston and I’m pretty depressed about it. This is my home away from home. I’m trying to figure out ways to move back here, but while BU has one of the greatest nutrition professors and grad programs, the school doesn’t have a sports nutrition masters program, which is what I want to do. Anyways while I’m out enjoying the city, I’m leaving ya’ll with a post of some of my favorite places to eat in Austin.

1. Gordoughs Specialty Donuts
Like the side of the trailer says, Gordoughs sells big fat donuts. These donuts can kill you. They are just that good, sweet, and filling. All of the donuts on the menu have cute names like Mother Clucker, Son of a Peach, and Cherry Bombs. If you are ever in Austin, you have to go here. I don’t care if you normally don’t like donuts because this is not just your normal donut place.

Look at this thing. We usually get Son of A Peach because it is one of our favorites. The donut is topped with peach filling, cinnamon, and sugar/cake mix topping. It is amazing. You definitely need to split this with two or three people because there is no way that you can eat one of these things by yourself. Not only are they tasty, but they are pretty cheap depending on which donut you order.

2. Tams Deli

My family loves all types of Asian food, so it is no surprise that a Vietnamese place makes the top of my list. This place is special to us because we are friends with the owners. The food is also amazing.

The vermicelli noodles are probably my favorite. They are gluten free friendly. It comes with rice noodles, tons of lettuce, shredded carrots, and you can get whatever protein you want on top (of course I always get shrimp). You top it with some fish sauce, and then mix it all up. It is such a healthy meal that tastes delicious. It looks sort of like a hole in the wall place in Austin, but it is definitely worth going inside.

3. Roll On Sushi Diner

I actually have a review for this lovely establishment coming up soon, but I couldn’t resist putting it on my list of Austin eateries. The inside is set up like an old fashioned diner, but they serve sushi. It is counter style service, so there is a counter that wraps around the inside, and in the middle of the counter the sushi chefs are preparing the many delicious rolls.

Not only is the theme of the place cool, but the rolls are amazing and creative. Like this one The Count is fried with brie and has strawberry jam and powdered sugar. So good. The rolls have fun names like the beefy texan and respect my asparagah. This place is always a good time, and the owners are extremely friendly always asking how you are doing and giving you great discounts.

If you ever need a place to go eat at in Austin, just message me and I got you! Or if you are ever in Austin, I am so down to take you out to eat.

Hope ya’ll have a great Tuesday. Tomorrow is my flight home 😦 and WIAW, so I guess it balances out.