French Bakeries and Glass Art

Hey ya’ll! I hope you are all having a fantastic Friday. To be honest, I’m extremely exhausted. My Thursday night was filled with cupcakes, friends, and fun times. I didn’t go to sleep till really late and then I woke up super early. That leads to one exhausted girl. Continuing on my trend of Seattle, today I’m writing about our first full day in Seattle.

DSCN0028We woke up around 11 am the first day, and were ready for a fun adventure in the city. We decided to head down to Pike Place Market. It is a popular tourist destination, which was evident the day we went because it was crowded with tons of people. Not to mention the original Starbucks was across the street and there was a long line out of it every day.

DSCN0034This was what filled the long hall of the Pike Place Market. Sweat treats, fresh fruit, and locally made treasures. We ended up stopping at a dehydrated fruit stand, and bought some apples with cinnamon sprinkled on them. They were delicious. We then wondered for a while eye balling each shop until we decided to get some apples to snack on later in the room (honeycrisp, my favorite).

DSCN0046My brother and I were getting hungry, so we decided to go into this little French bakery on the corner of the street. We had yelped it before the trip, and we know it had gotten 4 and a half stars so you know it is going to be good. There was even a long line, so that also had to mean that it was legit. We were excited especially my brother because he loves French bakeries more than anything in life (besides dying his hair).

DSCN0043This was my box of goodies. I got French macarons, which are definitely one of my favorite bakery treats. I got a lemon and pistachio macaron for myself, and the third one is mocha for my dad. I also got a cute pink eclair. Pink is my favorite color and it looked so adorable in the pastry case that I had to have it. Everything was delicious. The macarons were so rich with flavor while the eclair was creamy and rich. Win. My brother got tons of tarts and croissants. My favorite thing of his was a croissant filled with raspberry jam. It was golden and flaky with a sweet tart flavor from the raspberry jam. It was perfect.

DSCN0051After we had our sweet treats, we ended up walking around a while until we formulated a good plan. We got on the monorail (it only has two stops), and went on to an area that had the space needle and tons of museums. This probably is the favorite part of my trip. We went to the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum. It was the most beautiful museum I have ever set foot in.

DSCN0067Chihuly is probably the greatest glass artist I have ever seen, which is saying a lot because I saw beautiful glass work in Venice when I was there years ago. One of his classic pieces, which can be seen many places around the United States, are his boats. They are either filled with these glass balls or crazy glass structures. A story we learned at the museum is that Chihuly would create a glass ball and throw it in a random pond or lake. The local kids would play with the balls, but would always return them to their original place. I thought that was really neat.

DSCN0058Chihuly is probably most well known for his ceiling masterpiece at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas. Of course there was a similar piece in the museum. It was in a smaller room, which was really cool because the different colors reflected all over the walls. It gave the room a magical feel.

DSCN0061This was probably my favorite room in the entire museum. It was pitch black in the room except for the installation. It was lit up and it glowed throughout the room. Each view of the long piece gave you a different spectacular view.

DSCN0105After walking for hours and going to a couple of other museums and cool tourist spots, we headed back to the hotel to make dinner plans. We decided to go to Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar. It was amazing. For an appetizer we ordered mussels that had thai flavors and were in a thai coconut broth. These were some of the best mussels I have ever had. The various Thai flavors brought into the dish delivered a whole new flavor to the palate.

DSCN0109Our second appetizer was a crab cake. You can’t go to a seafood restaurant and not get a crab cake. Once again the restaurant brought in sweet Thai flavors that created  whole new crab cake experience. They were fried lightly, which provided the crisp yet sweet flavor of crab. It was delicious.

DSCN0110This beauty was my main course. I think I definitely picked the best dish of the three of us. It was Mahi Mahi on top of jasmine rice. It was a sweet Thai sauce that contained nuts, snap peas, and cucumber. This dish was perfect. There was not a single flaw. The fish was cooked perfectly, the flavors were on spot, and the dish was beautifully presented. All in all it was an amazing dinner.

Hope everyone has a good Friday night. I’ll be staying in tonight because I am too dead to do anything.