MISO Hungry

Hey ya’ll! I’m having a fantastic time in Boston. I’ve been shopping, eating out at delicious places, and have been enjoying the company of some of my closest friends. It also really makes me miss living in Boston. This city is amazing. Anyways, I’m not blogging about Boston today. Instead I’m sharing a delicious recipe with ya’ll for a Tofu Miso Soup.

Tofu Miso Soup
1 1/2 c vegetable broth
2 tsp Miso paste (I used organic)
1 c of diced mushrooms
3 oz of cubed tofu
1 tsp olive oil
vegetables of your choice

1. Pour tsp of oil into a pan and let heat.
2. Add in mushrooms and cook until brown and softened.
3. Then pour in vegetable broth and miso paste.
4. Let it boil for one minute, then turn down to low-medium heat.
5. Add in tofu (if you want it crispy, cook ahead of time with mushrooms).
6. Let cook in soup for 4 minutes and 30 seconds.
7. If adding in other vegetables, such as bok choy, place in soup to cook for the 4 minutes.
8. Before finishing, make sure the miso paste has dissolved into the broth. Then serve.

This soup is amazing. The recipe is only for one, but if you want to make it for two just double everything in the recipe and cook it in a large pan. I used a large fry pan, but if you make it for two or more you should use a pot to cook the soup in. One of the other great things about this soup is that it is really low calorie and miso is good for your health. With Soy Miso, there are very good cardiovascular benefits, anti-cancer benefits, and digestive system benefits. Even Dr. Oz supports miso in the diet, not that I particularly care on his opinion since he isn’t a nutritionist or registered dietitian.

The other great thing about the soup is that it is really filling. You are really getting a bang for you buck with this soup. I am a big fan of Asian flavors, which is why this soup calls to me. I literally have been making this almost every day because it is just that good. Also I didn’t want the rest of the ingredients to go bad, so I had to eat it every day anyways.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I know I have. I’ll let ya’ll know about that later on. I’m going to Harvard Square today for some fun adventures and good food (obviously ya’ll will get the details later and some mouth watering pictures too).

Have you ever been to Boston?
What is your favorite place to visit there?