Welcome to Seattle

Hey ya’ll! One of my favorite things to do is travel, so for winterbreak I ended up going to Seattle and Vancouver. I fell in love with both. Seriously, I want to move to Canada to go to graduate school. For the next few days, I will recap my amazing trip and the foodie adventures I had in these wonderful places.

When my brother and I landed in Seattle, it was around 9 pm. We were starving. We still had to get our suitcases, ride the link light train, and check in to our hotel. I did not realize I was going to San Francisco! Kidding, but just a little. There were hills like the ones in SF, and I had to drag my suitcase and myself up the hill, not pleasant. We made it, checked in, and my brother got on yelp. We decided to walk down a bajillion hills in order to get some sushi. We ended up going to Nijo Sushi.

DSCN0005Here is my brother. He is obviously starving to death/dying because we want our food. He is probably going to kill me if he sees this online.


One of the greatest things abut this place was that they had happy hour until 12 am, which we were just in luck since we didn’t get there until about 10:30 pm. This was one of the dishes we got off the happy hour menu. They were yam fries, which were tossed with wasabi oil and kosher salt (yay kosher) and were served with a wasabi aioli. Oh god was that aoili sauce amazing. The creaminess of the sauce mixed with the crispy sweetness of the yam fries was pure perfection. I could just have eaten tons of this dish.

DSCN0023The second happy hour item we ordered was the dancing shrimp. It was flash fried rock shrimp tossed lightly with wasabi dressing. Once again Nijo hits us with an amazing creamy and crunchy blend of flavors. This probably was my favorite dish of the night. I am a sucker for good fried shrimp. I blame it on the cajun in me!

DSCN0017I’m about to serve you up some sweet sushi porn. My brother and I got three rolls because my dad has just messaged us saying that he was walking down to the restaurant. We ordered the frank and beans, which had tempura shrimp with cucumber topped with spicy tuna and tobiko. THAT ROLL WAS AMAZING. I’m not even sure how to describe it, but it was so fresh and creamy. I love rolls that have any type of creaminess. Another roll was the Crunch roll, which had spicy scallops, enoki mushrooms, cucumber, tobiko, and kalware. This roll was interesting. Not sure if I liked it, but it wasn’t bad. The third roll was the Cheeze roll. It was spicy tuna, cream cheese, cucumber, and avocado topped with panko breaded and fried eel. This roll was delicious too. Now it is time for some sushi porn!

DSCN0018DSCN0020Enough of this. Had to cut it off or I may not have been able to handle it. Just kidding. More sushi, but different rolls this time.

DSCN0027This beauty was the Chili Cha Cha roll. It was filled with soft shell crab, cucumber, and jalapeno topped with avocado and tobiko. It was pretty delicious. It had a nice kick to it too with the jalapenos, but it wasn’t so spicy that I couldn’t handle it.

DSCN0026This is the volcano roll. If you don’t like to have your mouth burning and on fire, run the other way. This thing made me chug about 5 glasses of water in about 5 minutes. It was crazy. It had cucumber, jalapeno, lemon slice, spicy scallop, eel sauce, and tenkasu and red tobiko. It was good, but scary spicy. Definitely couldn’t really handle it. I’m a whimp.

This place was pretty good, especially since they had a happy hour till 12 am. It was the perfect start to our amazing trip on the west coast.

Life Changing Sushi

Hey ya’ll! Right now I’m currently laying out on the beach in Galveston watching 62 children. Hopefully everything is calm, and I haven’t killed anyone yet. I’m the only woman chaperone, so I get to make sure all the girl athletes are okay. Anyways let me get to what this post is all about. The greatest sushi experience you will ever have: Tomodachi Sushi in Austin, TX.

It is where my dad, my younger brother, and I go when we want to eat some good sushi. The best time to go is at 5:30 because it is right when the restaurant opens, and there won’t be a wait. It is a really small building, so about 30 minutes after opening this place is crowded and you will have a 30 minute wait at least.

We started out the meal with a very awkward named dish…Screaming Orgasm. Yeah, it gets a little weird at Tomo, but the food is amazing. This dish is Tuna Tataki, which is tuna is thinly sliced and served over shredded daikon. The sauce contains fish eggs and is a creamy texture that has a little Asian spice in it. We gobble this up in five seconds every single time the waitress brings it because it is just THAT amazing.

For our second appetizer, we ordered a few pieces of tempura. What I like about Tomo is that you can create your own tempura appetizer. The options range from asparagus to sweet potato to tofu. We decided on shrimp and onions. The dipping sauce the chefs create combines perfectly with the crispy fried goodness of the tempura.

This is round 1 of the sushi rolls…yes, I said it: ROUND ONE. My family likes to eat, especially when we are eating sushi. The rolls in this order are ex-girlfriend, Mexican, say my name, japanese lasagna, and one roll that I can’t remember the name of (it was soo spicy, so I couldn’t handle it). One of my favorite rolls is Japanese Lasagna, which is baked crab, avocado, and cream cheese. This is like melty goodness in a roll. If you like anything creamy and cheesy then this is the roll for you.

There goes my brother grabbing a bite of ex-girlfriend roll as I’m taking a photo. I always have to be like NO, I need to take a photo (they probably think I’m crazy). The ex-girlfriend is crab, avocado, spicy tuna with halibut tempura and spicy mayo. This roll is to die for. We can’t go to Tomo without getting it every single time because that is how amazing it is. It has a little spiciness, but it doesn’t overpower the complete flavor of the roll. The other amazing roll on this plate is the Say My Name roll, which is jalapeno, cream cheese mixed with tuna, scallop, crab, and it is lightly fried. Um fried? Yes, it is amazing. I love it.

And here goes round 2 of the sushi rolls. We got the sweet potato roll, sassy suzy roll, and steve’s special. In my mind, none of these rolls were super special or stood out. The steve’s special was just okay, the sassy suzy was crazy spicy as my brother and dad said, and I enjoyed the sweet potato roll since it was a little different and vegetarian.

The sweet potato roll was asparagus in the roll topped with sweet potato tempura. I could have just eaten the tempura part because it was delicious. I guess it was sort of healthy or I’m just making an excuse for my crazy eating.

If you are ever in Austin, Tomo is the place that you need to go. It is a little obscure location in North Austin in a shopping strip next to a thai place and a laser eye building. If you live in Austin then you should definitely go here immediately.