A return to Oatmeals (the greatest breakfast spot)

Hey ya’ll! Sorry I’ve been gone all weekend, but I decided I needed a weekend of rest. Plus I’ve been working hardcore on my review paper, which I think is going to be pretty awesome! Carrianne and I had a really chill weekend. We fought with time warner cable online, we did some light shopping, and we returned to our favorite breakfast spot. Ya’ll know breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so when we were in the West Village I had to go back to Oatmeals. Oh how I love you Oatmeals. A shop dedicated to my favorite breakfast item: oatmeal.

photo 1

This was Carrianne’s bowl of heaven. She ended up getting the Canadian, which sounded really tasty. It had cinnamon roasted apples, sharp cheddar cheese, bacon, maple syrup, and sea salt. Seriously one of the best combinations ever. You can never go wrong when you get bacon. It adds that crunch along with a salty smoky flavor. The maple gives it a little sweetness to bring in the roasted apples. The cheese becomes melty when you mix it in with the hot creamy oatmeal. This was definitely a very inventive bowl of oatmeal. I would have never thought to put all of these things in together.

photo 2

Carrianne isn’t a big fan of cooked apples, but she said that in this dish it was perfect. The apples were soft, but provided a nice texture along with all of the other ingredients in the bowl. Her favorite part was definitely the maple syrup. She thought it provided a nice taste to the array of flavors going on in the dish. She liked the sweet, yet savory idea behind it. She is more of a savory taste person while I am a sweet, so this was a nice balance in her opinion. I definitely will be getting this one sometime soon because it looked amazing and she gave it two thumbs up.

photo 3

I ended up getting one of the Happy Endings, which means it was a sweet based oatmeal. This one was the S’mores. Ya’ll know I can’t resist s’mores. It had dark chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, graham crackers, and a chocolate syrup drizzle. Oh man this was a bowl of sweetness. I was in oatmeal heaven along with s’mores heaven. I think that is the best type of heaven to be in. The dark chocolate was so rich. When you swirled it into the oatmeal, it just became a creamy melted chocolate pond. The marshmallows were really cute. They reminded me of the ones that you find in a hot cocoa mix. They melted too in the oatmeal, which enhanced the creaminess of the oatmeal even more. I love the taste of marshmallows.

photo 4

I really thought the graham crackers were interesting. I was expecting the classic large square chunks of graham crackers or I thought they were going to be crumbled over the oatmeal. I actually enjoyed these. They were really cute and provided a small amount, not overwhelming, of graham crackers. Graham crackers are my least favorite part about s’mores, so I was glad that they were really subtle. The chocolate drizzle was a nice touch too. It wasn’t drenched, which I appreciate. Overall it was another amazing oatmeal experience. I’m so sad that I don’t live closer because I would probably go here at least twice a week for breakfast. I think my wallet is happy though that I live far far away.

photo 5

The best surprise was this oatmeal cookie. The guy working convinced Carrianne and I that we needed to try this. Not that we really needed much convincing because look at it. It is just calling out for you to take a bite out of it. At first I thought it might be a little hard, which I hate. I was wrong. The cookie was so soft. It was chewy and delicious. The icing was perfect on top too. It wasn’t too sweet and it wasn’t too thick. I could eat a ton of these things. Actually they are huge, so I probably could only eat one by itself. I would definitely recommend getting this if you ever go here! Such a good treat.

Have an awesome Monday! I’ll be tortured in class for hours upon hours. Yay for 6 hours of straight class.


Oatmeal Heaven

It is my birthday today! Usually I’m super excited because I love birthdays, holidays, surprises, and all of the above. As I’ve grown older though, I feel like I’ve learned a lot about life. Right now I feel as if birthdays are overrated, but maybe that will change and I’ll go back to my fun loving self. Anyways tomorrow I’ll post a recap on my birthday! Today I have an awesome post for you that pretty much sums up me in a cup. Ya’ll know oatmeal is my life. I eat it every day for breakfast unless I’m too lazy, but usually it is every morning. I’m always whipping up new flavor combinations to test out, so when I found out that there was an oatmeal shop in Greenwich village, I HAD TO GO. AN OATMEAL SHOP! YES! Dreams do come true. Enter Oatmeals.


Oatmeals is the new name for heaven. Or at least Lindsay heaven. Not that Jews really believe in heaven, but if I were to believe it would be filled with oatmeal and hot basketball players and rappers. Hhaahaha. Anyways this cute little shop is located in Greenwich Village off of W 3rd st. It is pretty easy to find from the sign plus there isn’t much on the street. I love Greenwich because it is a super cute neighborhood with tons of foodie heaven for Lindsay to explore. Yes, I am now talking in the third person. Not sure what is going on with me at this moment.

photo 1

This place is fantastic. It is like build your own froyo, but with oatmeal. You can order your oatmeal with milk (skim, almond, etc) or just with water. I went with water because I like to use my calories for the good stuff (don’t worry, oatmeal is actually very healthy for you and in the most part very low calorie). Anyways they had a ton of flavor combinations that you could choose from. The options were savory, sweet, or a mix of both. I shocked myself by going for a savory option, but next time I go back I’m definitely going to get a sweet one because the choices were amazing. They had S’mores, caramel apple, and almond joy. Ummm yes. I want all of those and then some.

photo 2

Introducing the bacon pumpkin. Yes, it is as good as it looks. Pretty much a bowl of everything you desire and want in life. It had oatmeal, pumpkin puree, bacon, maple syrup, and sea salt. Oh my. At first I’m a bit speechless with this cup of oatmeal. The pumpkin makes the oatmeal creamy and rich with savory flavor. The bacon provides a nice smoky flavor with a little bit of saltiness. No wonder this is a savory dish. The bacon also gives a nice crunch since its pan fried. The maple syrup adds a hint of sweet flavor, but is is very subtle. I think it is used to mix the bacon flavor with the pumpkin puree. Then the small amount of sea salt gives it that saltiness that you crave from a savory dish.

photo 3

Just look at this. I could stare at this for hours. Man. If only I lived closer to Oatmeals, I would definitely be their most frequent customer. They have the cutest sizes too. Oatmeal comes in baby bear, mama bear, and papa bear sizes. SO. CUTE. I can’t even handle it, but yes I can so I can gobble up all the oatmeal in the world. I will definitely go here next weekend as a midterm study break. I need to try those sweet ones. Ya’ll know I have a huge weakness for sweets!

photo 5

Like look at this cuteness. I kind of wanted to steal this sign. I get sort of klepto sometimes when I see awesome things, but don’t worry because I actually don’t steal. I’m a good girl. I just love cute things. Anyways I hope you enjoyed my review of this delicious establishment. I can’t wait to share more delicious places with ya’ll that I have eaten at in NYc. I hope ya’ll have an awesome saturday. I’m going out to have some fun shopping and buying myself presents.

What is your favorite oatmeal combination?
Do you like pumpkin flavored things?